GARMIN Zumo 665 vs (new) 350 LM?

Discussion in 'Mapping & Navigation' started by TommyHolly, Jul 4, 2012.

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    May 8, 2011
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    Hey guys, I searched and didn't see a thread about this and since it's a new product, figured I'd start one.

    I've been waiting over a year for Garmin to come out with a new and improved Zumo 665. Instead Garmin gave us the 350 LM which has some improvments but is missing other things? I'll go over the differences here:

    [​IMG]<<< Zumo 350 LM

    [​IMG] <<< Zumo 665

    (new) Garmin Zumo 350 LM vs Zumo 665:
    1. The screen and dimensions are about 5% smaller on the 350 LM but with the same resolution, both weigh the same.
    2. Battery life is up to 7 hours!! (you give up other things though) The 665 is only 3 hours... (no big deal if its mounted on your bike.)
    3. 350 LM has lifetime updates (which is what the LM stands for) with "nüMaps Guarantee"whatever that is?
    4. No 3-D landmarks view (the 665 has this) If this is what I think it is, I like my 3-D view.
    5. Can save up to 100 routes (vs 20 with the 665) ...meh
    6. The new 350 LM has "Traffic Trends" which seems like it could be cool so you'd avoid rush hour traffic possibly?
    7. 350 LM does not have XM radio?? Why would they remove this?
    8. 350 LM has Garmin Locate which marks the spot you were when you took it off its mount... meh.
    9. 665 has "photo navigation" that can read geotagged photos...meh
    10. 350 LM will tell you which services are at the exit ramps. This seems very useful.
    11. 350 LM has an alarm clock. Could be usefull if you are riding and need to remind yourself to do something...
    12. 665 has downloadable custom voices while the 350 LM does not? Why would they not let you download a better voice?
    13. 665 has a picture viewer...meh
    14. The 665 has an MP3 player and Audiobook player but they left this out on the 350 LM. I liked this option for the 665.
    15. The 350 LM has a trip program for your PC.
    16. The 350 LM can work with gloves on!! (I'm not sure if the 665 will do this too?)
    17. The 350 LM just came out so I'm not sure the Touratech lock will fit it's more rounded shape.
    18. The 350 LM uses some different map program called Basecamp or something that I have heard people complain about...

    Overall, the 350 LM has some nice additions that would be welcome on the 665 but it's missing too many things. The 665 has XM radio and the ability to play audio books and MP3s...

    I'm not exactly sure how both the Garmin Zumo and my I-Phone would all tie in together into the Blutooth of my headset? I could potentially use my iPhone to play XM radio (if they have some sort of antenna or puck thingy for use with it?) otherwise the iPhone streaming XM radio from the internet would be a waste. If the iPhone can make up for the lack of things missing on the new 350 LM then you can enjoy the benefits of both, otherwise, I'd stick to the 665.
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    The 665 will not work with Cardo Scala G4 models when you want to talk to someone else. You can either do XM and MP3s or turn off the 665 BT and go intercom only.
  3. TommyHolly

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    May 8, 2011
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    How about the SENA SMH-10? A quick check on some of the (extremely long threads that take 8 pages to get to the point) it seems these two gadgets link up nicely...

    I'm wondering if I could somehow add XM Radio to the mix through a 3rd party device or by some other means like on my iPhone. I like many of the upgrades of the Zumo 350 LM but don't like how it's missing XM Radio. Most other features I can get off my iPhone except the XM when away from cell towers...
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    Here is the comparison table:

    According to Garmin's table, it is the 665 that cannot accept new custom voices and the 350 can. This does not seem important to me.

    As far as using a gloved hand, yes you can do that with a 350 (I have one) but I tend to take my glove off for better precision of where I touch. I have never used a 665 so cannot comment on that one.
  6. pauleknight

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    May 17, 2011
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    The 66x series has issues with ANY bluetooth connected headset.

    I have had both and am fighting with Garmin over the issue

    the current 66x firmware ruins the BT connection and it is horrible, regardless of the headet that you use

    The 350LM does not have XM or MP3 which is the only reason I am continuing to try the 66x to get it fixed.

    I wonder if the 350LM supports an iphone thru to BT to BT Headset?

    in any case, I would stay away from Garmin till they get their act together if BT connectivity is important to you at all.


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    Better precision. . .


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    I can't speak about the 665 but have been using the 660 for a few years now and just bought my gal a new 660. I belive the main difference between 665 and 660 is XM related.

    3) New 660 models have the "LM" version with Lifetime Maps.
    5) You may a restriction on routes that are withing the 660/665, but in reality you can save them on the 660/665 and "import" them when you need them. I don't know that more than 20 routes is a big deal anyway.
    8) The 660 also remembers where you took it off the mount.
    10) it may not be as simple, but on my 660 I use the abiltiy to search along routes to see what is incoming. Thsi lets me find gas, food, and on occcasion lodging.
    16) One big important thing about ALL Zumo models is they are designed to work with gloves and are waterproof. They are designed to be used while riding in most conditions and mine has worked while riding from -16c (3f) to 53c (128f)

    I thought I would want a 350 as it looks like it will survive a drop better (I had broken my 660 in a drop) but in the end I got my gal a 660.

  9. stevepsd

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    My Zumo 665, SENA SMH10 & Droid (DroidX now RAZR Maxx) work great together via Bluetooth. No issues what so ever.
  10. Albie

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    Mar 31, 2004
    That's odd, my old ZUMO 550 works fine through both my Interphone F5 and Sena SMH10. Although I'm not surprised Garmin Eff'd something up with a firmware upgrade.
  11. TommyHolly

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    May 8, 2011
    Chicago, IL
    It's 9 months since I originally wrote this and Garmin STILL hasn't come out with an upgrade to the 660/665 series??

    Even stranger is the fact I don't see any of them refurbished anywhere. had the cheapest pricing and that was only $20 cheaper than other places. I'd hate to buy one, especially since it's been around so long and I hear some people complain occasionally about random issues, but I have no other choice.

    I really wish that they would've come out with a newer improved model by now.
  12. adamthebad

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    Jul 31, 2013
    All you need is this.. Simple no BS involved.... SENA 10 series headset (best i have used.. Better than Cardo)... Next smart phone with bluetooth for music and phone, plus satellite radio reciever with bluetooth plug in trasmitter (20 bucks for the side transmitter) plus a mp3 player like zune oripod with another bluetooth transmitter or just use the same ond from the satellite radio reciever (quick unplug and plug in) a a spot connect unit , with the garmin 350LM and you can trek anywhere on the planet.. Less deep water.... And this is all on a R1200GSA. On a tank bag.. The best and simplest way to go....
  13. dysert

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    Sep 13, 2008
    That's why I use the 665. I use it with a Sena 10, and iPhone 5. The Xm app is good on the iPhone for music until I run out of cell coverage. It also drains the battery on the iPhone as do the navigation apps which are probably better than the 665.