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Discussion in 'Vendors' started by KWC, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. KWC

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    Jan 9, 2004
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    The guys at Gateway really are pros. Rolled in with a leaking FD at the ABS sensor at the start of a 4-day ride. They essentially dropped what they were doing to get me rolling. The little "triage" area just inside the door was a flurry of dudes and wrenches in an instant. Shannon and Ryan knew exactly what needed to be done and set about it immediately and told me exactly what they were doing and why in case I had to repeat the repair on the road someday. No service manager jumped in between or hustled me away from the techs to a safe lounge somewhere (I've had that happen at other dealerships). BMW GS riders have a special connection to their machines and this shop gets this like no other. Unsatisfied with just fixing the leak, Shannon went over the bike in a flurry checking torques on a bunch of stuff they didn't work on! He said he heard me say I had just had tires done and he wanted to check all the things that could "kill me this weekend" (his words!). He also told me about various things to watch on the R1100GS that are known failure points. Thorough thorough thorough. I love it. Then Ryan went off on an extended test ride (again thorough) because he knew a "round the block" wasn't going to warm up the FD and fling enough fluid to check a leak high up in the housing. Pros. And at the end of it all....there was no inflated bill for the "emergency" cost me less than damn BMW sweatshirt.....All I can say folks, is if you are going to break down, make sure you are within a few hundred miles of this dealership, and if not...ship it there. They sure saved my ride.

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    Me and the rest of the posse have bought 4 new GS bikes from Gateway in the last year because of the quality of the entire dealership. Everyone in the place is friendly,knowlegable and eager to help you out.