Genuine Honda Parts and Givi Luggage

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    Hey there to all the inmates!

    Allow me to introduce myself, my names Wes and I work for a UK based Honda dealership, North West Honda. I administrate the web shop and would like to be able to offer my knowledge and services to the awesome community that is

    If anyone has any questions about Givi luggage fittments or options, maybe you just want an honest review of what Givi offer, post a question in this thread, or PM me, i'll be checking daily so a swift reply is all but certain.

    Again, same applies for Honda parts and accessory questions- you have a honda your stuck for parts on, not sure if it's still available? Ask :) I'll do my best.

    Lastly, please check out our offers at we will try hard to offer the best price on what we know and specialise in.

    Safe riding all,