get my Garmin device out of demo mode?

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    I recently bought a Garmin Nuvi 50. It had an annoying "infomercial" that showed twelve slides over and over. I couldn't find any information in the Nuvi manual on how to turn the "infomercial" off. Couldn't find any threads here either. Also, the thing wouldn't exit Simulation Mode, and although I was able to use the Navigation menus, and it would find addresses, it wouldn't receive GPS signals. Five red X's through the satellite signal icons. Not a word on any of this in the manual. Thanks, Garmin!

    Looking around on the web, I found other people that had had this problem, and thought they had a defective Nuvi and sent it back to Garmin/Target/Walmart.

    The hidden secret that I discovered buried on the Garmin website is that you have to disable Simulation / Demo mode by driving around with the damn device "at least 10 miles per hour for at least 30 seconds". Are you kidding me? Could you have put that in the Getting Started part of the manual somewhere?

    This apparently is true for many Garmin models, and maybe I'm the only person that didn't know this tidbit, but I'm going to add this info here in the hopes of saving someone else the time I spent trying to figure it out.

    How do I get my device out of demo mode?
    Some Garmin automotive devices have a demo mode. When the demo mode is enabled, the device may display a demonstration video. Additionally, you may be able to use the regular navigation menus but the device will never go out of simulation mode.
    If you've purchased one of the below devices and it is in demo mode, you may disable this mode by simply driving around with the device. To disable demo mode, you must be traveling at least 10 miles per hour for at least 30 seconds.
    If a device is still in demo mode after meeting this criteria, please contact Garmin product support:<wbr>support/contact
    The following devices have demo mode:

    • nuvi 2200 series
    • nuvi 2300 series
    • nuvi 2400 series
    • nuvi 3700 series
    • nuvi 2405 series
    • nuvi 2505 series
    • nuvi 3400 series
    • nuvi 3500 series
    • nuvi 30
    • nuvi 40
    • nuvi 50
    • LIVE 1695
    • LIVE 2300 series
    • dezl 560
    • zumo 350
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    Garmin fail!!!