Getting my KLR ready for the day

Discussion in 'Thumpers' started by dino1, Jun 16, 2013.

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    So I was having some issues in getting my KLR 650 set up for Z day.

    1. I'd like to yeild a mace for doing hand to skull combat but everytime I try to swing the mace with my right hand the bike slows down and stops. Should i use my left hand or get a throttle lock? Also any good ideas on how to store the mace while I'm riding, perhaps a tool tube?

    2. So I am looking for the milk crate for the back and was wondering if a 2% crate would work or should i look for a whole milk milk crate? Do they make mil surplus milk crates?

    3. When on a long ride I like to keep a large supply of powdered water on hand, never know when you'll need water right? Any way, will the powdered water leak out of the holes on my milk crate? Should I find another place to store my powdered water?

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    What ??????? LOL
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    1. For the mace, get a hold of a sky-hook toggle. Will hold it in place.
    2. Why bother with a crate, take the cow.
    3. Powdered water has a shelf life that is too short for a long trip. You need freeze dried powdered water that comes in green tyvex baggies. They do not leak if hung around your neck.

    And, dont leave on Z day, leave the day before! Gives you an extra day to get there
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    1. Don't use a tool tube - if you dump the bike in the midst of a horde, you want to make sure you have the mace with you. Strap it to your back or the outside of the thigh on your dominant side (do not under any circumstances strap it to the inside of the thigh unless you only stand on the pegs while riding). I'd also bolt some rebar to the frame as low as possible, making sure it stuck out four or five feet. That way, you just aim the bike and charge at the zombies, take them out at the ankles, and then dismount and finish the job.

    2. Don't get a chocolate milk crate - while the material is very easy to drill, they melt in the sun unless you find really expensive ones.

    3. Mix three cups of powdered water with one cup of liquid water, pour it into an ice cube tray, then microwave it until the liquid simmers off. If you cook it slowly enough, you'll have a nice collection of powdered water cubes that won't fall through the holes in your (hopefully not chocolate) milk crate. Keep in mind that you will need hot dog tongs and a Pyrex beaker to properly make water from them, though.