Glass Powder, Fog Lines and an epic high side

Discussion in 'Face Plant' started by Irish John, Jan 8, 2013.

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    I appreciate everyone's input and get well wishes. I am pursuing this and if anything actually comes of it, I'll give an update. In the mean time, everyone keep safe out there.
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    I had a similar experience on my normal bicycle commute here in Connecticut. A 4 way intersection on my normal route had the marked crosswalks at the intersection repainted and had glass powder applied over the paint. As I took a right turn at the intersection on a green light the horizon inverted and I was down in an instant. Had a fairly big patch of road rash on my hip but no other injuries.

    Walking back to the crosswalk, I could see leftover glass powder accumulated and could feel how slippery it was underfoot.

    So in addition to the painted highway lines, watch the surface at crosswalks and other road surface markings too.

    At the end of the day, I assigned a portion of the blame for the crash to myself for not noticing the change in the road surface.

    Hope the healing goes well.
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    im curious about what helmet you wear that didnt take a 30mph knock to head without knocking you out :huh .... ive been thru highsides(30+mph on poconos) & 60mph+ street crashes that i remember most if not all of with a helmet hit...

    glad youre ok for the most part.. heal up well..
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    Any loss of consciousness requires the person to be taken to the emergency department by ambulance. There's no debating this--this is SOP for anyone trained in trauma medicine. But since you made it home alright, I don't know if you were "injured" by this decision, so I don't know if a lawsuit is winnable (or even warranted).

    The glass beads are a different story altogether. Someone needs to pay for that, either through improper use, training, or sheer negligence.

    I'm not a lawyer and I'm not sue happy. This is not being sue happy--you deserve to be made "whole". Your insurance company (if you have one or one that covered this accident) would be happy to sue to get their money back.

    Call your local bar association for a referral.
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    It's a shame but sometimes it takes suing to make a company or state agency more aware that their practices aren't safe. I bet it never occurred to the guys putting down the beads that a motorcycle might wreck. They just aren't used to thinking about motorcycle safety.

    Good luck, heal fast and thanks for the reminder that there's always something different to watching for!
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    Whether or not it's a lawsuit (or maybe just the threat of one), it definitely seems like it would be worthwhile following up both the lack of cleanup after the painting and the medical care with the relevant agencies/companies. It doesn't have to be a blame game but if we don't learn from our lessons, we stay dumb! This could be a learning moment for the contractors etc.

    Glad you're OK, OP!