gmapsupp.img file size problem

Discussion in 'Mapping & Navigation' started by pckopp, Jul 30, 2012.

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    I have the latest City Nav for Europe - 2013.1. I selected the entire map to load to my 4G SD card for my Zumo 550. It crunched away and eventually wrote the gmapsupp.img file to the card. It was just over 2.5G in size. Biggest img file I have ever seen created. Plugged the card into my Zumo and got nothing. I thought maybe the card was bad so I repeated it with another one. Same result. Obviously, the card works perfectly attached to my PC.

    I created a new map set with only 6 map segments - bout 50M total. Quickly created the card and installed it in the Zumo and it works perfectly. So I knew my new version Europe map program was good. So then I created a third map set with all of Europe again, but this time I left out enough map segments to get the size below 2G. It works perfectly.

    I checked my firmware. There was one newer version which I installed. The updated Zumo will still not recognize the full Europe map set that is greater than 2G.

    My friend who is travelling with me also got a copy of City Nav Europe and he has a Nuvi 660 that does exactly the same thing. Maps greater than 2G aren't recognized. He also checked and updated his firmware to the latest. So it isn't just my Zumo.

    BTW, I select the Tool icon, then Map, then Map Info to show the available maps. When it recognizes the map on the SD card, it shows in the list, When the file is over 2G, nothing but the original installed map is listed. There are no error messges, no warnings, no nothing. It is like you didn't plug in the card. Same sequence on the Nuvi and the same "no response, like you didn't do anything" result. The map sets were created in MapSource on a Win7 PC.

    Anyone ever run across this? Any solutions, other than carrying two SD cards for full coverage?

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    I don't think its a file size limit as much as it is the number of map segments. The number I've seen is something like 2024 map segments, maximum. In most cases, keeping the total map file size to under 2GB will keep the number of map segments within bounds.

    You might try placing two 'gmapsupp.img' files on the Zumo. Place one 'gmapsupp.img' file in the 'Garmin' directory on the SD card and place the other in the 'Garmin' directory on the Zuma's internal memory.

    The below was copied from this link:

    Save time loading multiple mapsets

    The standard files in the Zumo containing your detailed maps are:

    gmapprom.img = main map containing detailed map info like CN Europe or CN USA etc. (Zumo 550)
    gmapsupp.img = any additional maps like Topo(graphic) maps you loaded, or for the Zumo 450-500 series, the CN Europe/USA detailed map section. Gmapbmap.img = your global basemap.
    On the SD card you can store another (different) supplemental mapset gmapsupp.img, giving you a total of 3 different sets of maps you can activate in your Zumo.

    But what if you want to take more maps with you?

    Well if you don't have access to a computer, you can take more SD cards with you, each containing a different mapset.

    Now what if you want to play with a lot of maps? Loading each map can take up a lot of time!

    Then do this trick:

    • Have a large SD card (like 8Gb)
    • Load one map like Topo France on it.
    • Go to the gmapsupp.img on your sd card and rename that file into TopoFrance_gmapsupp.img
    • Load another map like USA CN, and do the same trick, renaming in USA_gmapsupp.img
    • etc etc.
    The only file visible for the Zumo will be gmapsupp.img. But if you need/want to switch to another set of additional maps, now all you have to do is renaming that file!!! This saves a lot of time as the alternative is overwriting each file each time you need another map.

    Hope that helps!

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    I don't think it's a map segment problem. All of City Nav Europe NT has 401 segments, way below the limit.

    Thanks for the info.
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    I just had the same problem. From Garmin's site:
    So, update the software :nod
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    Has more to do with the file system than the map itself.

    32 bits are all you got. Windows can manage bigger files, but not every device handles things the same way windows does.
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    I am currently running a Zumo 550 with a gmapsupp.img of 3.2GB (Australia CN Topo Maps) ona 8GB card.

    Are the maps registered to the GPS? The symptoms you describe are the same I have experienced when an incorrect unlock code (or none) is entered. Look for errors when the Zumo is loading the maps.