going to look at an airhead today

Discussion in 'Airheads' started by vacantstare, Sep 18, 2010.

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    Found a '77 r100 on craigslist offered at $2500. 70k miles. I have no other details about the bike, but I get the sense that it's a rider, not a museum piece. That's really what I want, anyway.

    I am totally new to airheads, so any quick tips on things I absolutly must check?

    Impossible to answer without more info I suppose, but does the price seem to be in the ballpark?
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    Don't have time to get rally in depth, but check all the fluids, especially the transmission. If the lube looks milky, it prolly has water in it. Clutch and shifting should offer no binding - if youare not used to an airhead tranny it will feel crude and noisy when shifting, but that is OK; you just want to see a freely moving clutch lever and not have to force the shifter.

    You should hear the tappets - if there is no sound from them at all the valves might be too tight.

    Be nice to do a compression check and pull off the rear wheel to look at drive splines, but that isn't too likely so see if the owner has info on engine and when he last looked at final drive.

    Gotta run, but more will chime in. Price is OK if the bike is in over all good condition. Good luck!

    PS: throttle should have nice even pull to it. If it feels notchy you'll have to repace some parts.

    Also, fill out your profile!
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    R100/7... providing the miles aren't huge and it has been cared for... pretty good mount.

    I hope it was 140 miles well spent :)