Good or bad? Gear box sight glass

Discussion in 'Airheads' started by More_Miles, Apr 21, 2013.

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    Anyone have any experience with either of these products from Motoren Israel? I searched but nothing came up.

    Product link:

    Product link:

    The second one, the 90 degree fill with sight glass looks like a good idea. You can see the level and state of the oil. Also, would be easier to fill I would think without weird bendy funnels. The only thing I am wondering is if it would clear the RT shift linkage.

    So, what's the consensus? Good ideas or solution in search of a problem?
  2. Plaka

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    Jun 19, 2010

    Solution in search of a problem.
  3. supershaft

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    Sep 9, 2010
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    That would be great IF I needed it but I don't. I still prefer the old fashion way.
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    I have the top one. I put it on so that I could see the colour of the oil & whether any water got in during river crossing & muddy play days. The collector box I had (home made by a previous owner) was a shit to remove, so I wasn't keen to have to drop that unnecessarily.

    I didn't go for the filler & sight glass because I was concerned that would foul my foot, and also because I had doubts that it would tighten & stay in exactly an upright position.

    Downside: You can't see the oil on the centre stand. Remember you are only filling to the beginning of the threads of the filler; the sight glass has a fibre washer to achieve oil tightness - I haven't gone looking for a replacement yet; the allen head on the original filler was more convenient for removal / tightening.

    Concerns - potential for seep / leak from the sight glass - I assume there are some seals in there.

    Would I buy again? Yes. Fits what I wanted from it.
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    I got some that are all plastic,careful tightening in.
    I find that I check it, therefore oil condition, more often.
    If oil is at the proper level, when on the sidestand it will fill.
    I thought I would try one to more easily see the state of the oil.