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    Hello all. For all the riders out there that do remote outback riding, eg the deserts of Australia, unsealed roads, sandy/rocky tracks, what features are the most important to you when you are deciding which GPS is appropriate?. I figure that is the best way for me to decide on a GPS to buy ratherthan asking the standard 'which gps should I buy. Thanks
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    That just opened a can of worms but I'll get it started.....

    1) Unit must have a good history for being rugged, durable and having mature firmware.

    2) A screen you can see. Factors include how good your eyes are and if 100% back-lighting is required.

    3) Unit can record, export & import tracks. You will want a track log if navigating unmapped paths.

    4) Ability to handle different map sets (ex. CityNavigator & Topo or 3rd party) and switch between them.

    5) Good power options including a robust plug (not mini USB) if hard wired. For me must be capable of battery operation with AA batteries a option.

    6) Unit must be well supported by manufacturer customer support, software and forums. Others will disagree but for me that means Garmin products, which have been around at least a year.

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    Above says it very well except drop the "if" in power. Internal and rugged external is a must for reliability.
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    I guess it falls under "rugged", but the unit must be waterproof. They tend to get rained on a lot.

    Screen brightness is a big deal. If possible you might want to take one outside and look at with the sun both behind and in front of you.

    On my 60 the weakness was poor visibility with the sun in front of me.

    It is also important to have good support software. Garmin is pretty good for this. I don't know about other manufacturers.