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Discussion in 'GPS 101 - Which GPS For Me' started by Micktom, Sep 28, 2013.

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    Aug 25, 2013
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    I've had a bit of a problem or just bad luck in the GPS department, First I tried a Garmin Nuvi 1390, not the best choice but I already had it so why not, it lasted about four months mounted to the handle bars via a ram mount, then died. Wouldn't power on at all after that time period but worked great up till then. I bought a Garmin streetpilot 2720, same mount system and it now just powers on but locks up at the splash screen, or streetpilot screen which ever one wants to call it. When plugged into the AC adapter same result, unless it's hooked up via the USB to the computer, odd to say the least. I tried a master reset a few times to no avail and made sure it's latest software is installed as well. Garmin support does not repair these due to being discontinued. I really liked the streetpilot but now the question is has anyone had any experience with the streetpilot problems and a possible solution, I'm at a loss at this point. Thanks

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