GPS Protection

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    Mar 29, 2010
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    I just picked up a new Garmin Montana, Hopefully that will help my Nav skills. Being able to see the scree should help.
    Anyways, I got the rugged mount from Garmin and just didn't feel real good about how much of the unit was exposed, Or the possibility that it might come loose and destroyed or lost, I did lose a Rino in the past, and really don't want to see the new Montana bounce down the trail.
    While looking for mount options I came across Buzz Bomb Cradles

    This looks to be the ticket, It fully encases the Montana with the exception of the screen and a few small ports for important access features.
    It mounts with a Ram Mount.
    I hit the road and trail for a tryout, It held rock solid,I dont think I need to worry about the Gps getting knocked off or otherwise damaged.
    Im a happy camper.
    The wavey stuff on the screen is not part of the kit, a botched screen saver.