GPS - Two way communicator - SOS combo

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    Pieps has just come out with a new device:


    The PIEPS Globalfinder Iridium is a unique outdoor device for navigation and message handling – does not require GSM coverage!
    • Sending and receiving of messages in real-time (SMS, E-Mail, text and position messages). Full global coverage also in polar regions.
    • “LIVE-Tracking”: Satellite-technology for tracking and positioning via web.
    • Special Emergency-button for alerting via satellite. Inclusive search and rescue insurance with worldwide coverage.
    • Optimized GPS-features for outdoor use – comfortable management on PC/Mac (tracking, waypoint navigation, positioning).
    • Permanent weather observation: display of protocol (reduced air pressure) and more services via E-Mail or SMS.
    • Li-Ion technology assures stable power supply also under extreme conditions.
    end quote

    The only mention I found for a price was $799.-
    No smartphone synching problems since it's standalone. Just pricey.