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    Mar 27, 2013
    Hi guys,
    I’ve been reading on and off the forum for at least a year now, but this is my first posts so here’s a little presentation first :

    I’m from Montreal, Canada and this is my fourth season as a rider. I accumulated about 35k kilometers (that should be something around 20k miles right? :) ) on a 2005 Yahama FZ6. I did a few weekends trips along those years as well as a 8 days solo trip from Montreal to Deal’s gap and back with my camping gear behind me. What a blast I had!!

    Two years ago, I bought a Nuvi 550 and it served me well during my trip (especially during the 800 Kms day under the rain!). Unfortunately the mini-usb connection became a real issue ever since that day (From what I heard, it’s waterproof as long as it’s not plugged-in, so useful!)

    So last weekend, I was looking for a new motorcycle-oriented GPS, but I just couldn’t justified a 450-500$ when I have a working GPS already, minus the usb plug. Ever since my trip, the GPS would randomly enter into « computer-mode » when plug-in on my bike (No, it wasn’t plug to my laptop in the tank bag :p ) Being a hard-believer of DIY, I decided to take it apart and bypass the usb socket. It’s only a 5V and a ground to solder after all, how hard can it right?

    After a quick research on the internet, I found this mini-usb pinout :

    I just needed to connect the 5V to the first pin and the ground to the last one. By bypassing the mini-usb socket, I needed to find a new kind of connector so my GPS wasn’t hardwire to my bike. I decided to go with an AV socket I salvaged from an old DVD player :

    So here’s my GPS board with both wire connected. The red wire is the 5V and the black one is connected to the groud. Notice that I went for the socket itself instead of the last pin (They were so small and close to each other!!!)

    Browsing the internet some more, I found that the extra pin (the one between 3 and 4 on the picture above) need to be grounded for the GPS to go in « charging + navigation » mode. Otherwise with the 5V and ground only, it would go in computer mode. So I also grounded that pin.

    Putting everything back together and apply hot-glue so nothing moves around :)

    And some epoxy so no water gets inside :

    I then cut the mini-usb from the garmin cable and solder the female part of the AV connector :

    Connecting everything together :

    Semi-final setup. Need to find something for waterproofing the connection 

    Went for a ride of 30-40kms (give me a chance, it was about 3deg Celcius outside. See the snow behind the car? Haha) and it’s working like a charm. Not a single « computer » mode or disconnection during the ride while it would typically takes less than 30seconds with the old usb connection.

    Hope this will help or inspire some of you :D

    If it’s not broken, it can’t be fix!!!:evil
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    Nice job of getting it working again.

    The mini USB has been an issue for many people on current production GPS units.