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    Feb 26, 2012
    Considering a basic GPS for a week-long trip that will include some sections of the UTBDR and generally some riding around Utah and the 4-corners area. I got a line on a GPS V I could probably get for a $20 bill, but I'm wondering if it would work for what I have in mind.

    I don't need much: I know where I'll be going, I just want to be able to input an 'off-pavement' route from some Topo maps and have the unit guide me to make sure I don't get too far off the planned roads. Having a 'get me to a nearby gas station/city/etc.' during the on-road portions would be a fine addition and I understand the GPS V can do something like this.

    I guess my question is: is the GPS V a good solution for this? Does it have enough memory for a week of routing? If not, could you suggest some models I might find in a sub-$100 price range that might do what I need? I'm happy to buy used and in no way need the latest and greatest color touch-screen display. Something fairly rugged that will show a map and let me follow a week-long pre-programmed off-highway route is really all I need.
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    The GPS V only has about 19MB of memory, so you're not going to get a weeks worth of maps loaded, unless you drive in small circles.

    The Quest was a pretty good GPS and had 115MB of storage, but with either of these you may have issues loading newer maps.