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Discussion in 'Mapping & Navigation' started by kickstand, Feb 12, 2010.

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    I've search these threads and haven't found what I'm looking for or to stupid to know what I was reading. :cry I have down loaded gpx file from this forum to my laptop in mapsource and I can view tracks on my lap top. When I tried to export them to my garman 60csx I can find the files under tracks. Question is how to view actuall track on the map screen. Buy the way I have mapsource loaded in the 60scx.:cob
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    Hard to tell from your meager description, but it sounds like you are trying to just copy the .gpx files to the microSD card on the 60Cx - this does not work on these units. You need to open your .gpx file in Mapsource and then send what you want - waypoints, tracks, routes - to the unit using the "send to device" option.
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    I assume you mean you can see "Tracks" on the "Track page" not "files" under "tracks".

    Open each track from the track page and you will see a little box that says "View on Map", check each box. Make sure color is not transparent.

    Years ago Mapsource had the little box but they eliminated it for some stupid unknown reason. You can always see them on PC but can't on GPS if box is not checked.