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Discussion in 'Mapping & Navigation' started by jrsue, Oct 6, 2013.

  1. jrsue

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    Jun 26, 2002
    If I load 5 different tracks and each track being a different color into the gpximg program, will it paint them all as one color, or will it show each color?

    BKMLWR Wondering around...

    Feb 25, 2009
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    gpx2img will allow you to set a color for each track. I think each track must be loaded from a different gpx file. Not 5 tracks in 1 gpx file.
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    I used GPX2IMG one time, so far from a power user.

    In my case I was using A Goggle Earth file (.kml or .kmz) as a starting point which contained 488 tracks which I then used GPSBable to convert to a GPX file which I then loaded into the trial version of GPX2IMG. While it had to work a little it did render all tracks as an IMG file.

    Can't comment much on the track color issue as I'm not sure what they were when .... but I think they were all one color in GE, the same color in GPX but black in the IMG file. I can't be certain at what point the color was lost or what would have happened if I had multiple colors, if I had to guess they by default would be black.

    That said there is some option to change track colors and line width/type within the software.

    In general I have learned not to count on colors/line width and symbols to carry over between different file types and platforms.

    Before I invested a lot of time I would try a small test to be sure what you see on the computer screen is what you get rendered on the GPS. And depending on the GPS model you may have to rebuild your complete map IMG file to include the GPX2IMG layer, in other words loading just the GPX2IMG file may overwrite your maps.