Grand Junction to Laramie, WY

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    Hello, I bought a KLR650 in Grand Junction and am planning a fly and ride for May 20th. I want to ride some trails in CO on my way to Laramie, WY to see my brother, where I will head to the Black Hills of SD to see my sisters. Does anyone have any good routes or tracks for Grand Mesa, the Meeker area or the Black Hills of South Dakota? After that I plan on slabbing it home to Iowa.
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    just west of Grand Junction you can turn North of MACK and strattle the boarder with Utah, eventually heading into Utah. This route is on well maintained dirt that your new KLR can handle provided that you don't have stree tires on it. The route runs just to the West of the pavement that would take you to Rangely.

    This ride would take you over Baxter pass. It is a long, continuous ride through pretty country. The only problem that I can see in your case is that it creates 1 leg of a triangle, the shorter leg, with the other leg being a long one on pavement along I80. You might want to ride dirt in sections in a direct fashion to get to Laramie...?

    If you head up I70 past Rifle to New Castle, you can turn north of the interstate and ride on dirt in a series of sections that would dump you out on the highway between meeker and craig. There may be options to continue on dirt to the Northeast out of Buford on CO RD 8 on the way to Yampa and Steamboat Springs.

    If you end up going North from Craig, know that there are lots of dirt roads and tracks between Craig and I80. The Wamsutter road rings a bell in that area. There is lots of gas well work going on in that area.

    I hope this gets you started.

    you might also have a look here: some tracks might be had from the author of this post:
    -I'm not sure if the stuff south of Craig is on dirt or not