gray cr pass, kootenays.

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    "gray creek pass" or "why you need a centerstand"

    I decided to attend our Union get together/ride based out of Toad Rock campground tween Balfour and Ainsworth, when other plans went sideways. Toad Rock which is a terrific home base where you can, if tenting is not you bag, for a modest amount be a love child for a night

    As this is mostly a black and chrome get together,my plan was to leave Kamloops and aim for Mabel lk fsr thru to the ferry then trout lk. fsr leading to camp with my aim of a Saturday up Gray cr pass with options along the way in mind.
    Mabel lk. three valley fsr, which somehow worked out to be a shortcut along the way to the shelter bay ferry, the several kms. of today graded deep loose dirt was fun (presuming you find piloting a loaded wobbly KLR, fun), this will be my preferred route to the Revelstoke area

    All adventures have a beggining, this one begins by missing the ferry to Crawford Bay by 92 seconds. 40 mins. later on board it looked like the KLR rider was portering for the brand new husky 511 owner,quite funny.


    After fuelling, including spare, I headed off either ahead or behind the two riders, as i lost em in Crawford bay somewhere. When faced with multiple signs saying the same thing, they are best ignored to avoid confusion (and were ignored several times)

    clearly proving the signs wrong along Gray ck approaching the summit

    You can have your puny bears and weakling deer, I was WAY more afraid of getting pummelled by these two! Acting as if they'd never seen a bike before, they kept standing their ground harumphing and stomping, then the tough guy blocked the bridge and I swear I though I heard a, "so ya feel lucky, punk!"


    to be continued. ​