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    I just wanted to make my 1st post to say hello and introduce myself. Been a lurker for a while looking to remove the blinders and jump over to the "Adventure" side of this two wheeling thing :evil. I guess I'm not quite an "INMATE" since I don't have a duo sport bike yet but I'm getting close. So let's just say that I'm about 10 miles out on the new intake bus traveling down that old dusty dirt road passing the fields and wire fence with the NO TRESSPASSING sign attached. Oh well.. It's too late to turn around now.

    While wearing out the SEARCH button trying to gain knowledge about the many choices of worthy steeds to add to my stable, I had to figure out what I wanted to be when I grow up. What kind of riding I'm "THINKING" I'm going to do and what kind of riding "Reality" will actually allow to happen. Thanks to a few of the inmate's I've conversed with via PM and email. Having visited my local $tealer going on a demo ride, I've narrowed my choice down to locating a clean, well maintained, low mile F800 GS (W/low seat). This fits my vertically challenged stature for comfort, anticipated destinations / needs, engine size and most of all my overall comfort level with performance. So the search is on with a very strong possibility from an inmate. :johntm

    Looking forward to participating on the forum.

    Here's a couple of shots of my current STEED on a recent road trip from Tampa to San Francisco.





    Not to bad laying her in the turns for a loaded up Street glide. The sparks where flying from the floor boards. [​IMG]

    This is when I said..... "I want to go where they just come from!" I need to make it happen and get a DUO SPORT. There's so much more to see in between the tarmac.