Gringo in Cancun

Discussion in 'Latin America' started by Ceri JC, Dec 9, 2012.

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    Well, its been a week since the OP kicked off the thread, then went into the witness protection program :lol3

    This is like the caller to the radio station talk show, who phones in a question, hangs up, and goes plays golf while the pundits craft his well worded but unheard answers :rofl
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    Relax, Mike. I've spent a total of a year and a half riding around Latin America, and I like topes more now than I did when I began. You don't agree, but this thread is not the exclusive province of those who "confront them day in and day out." And of course I pay for my own bike maintenance: who else is going to do it for me?

    For me, they're fun, and often even useful. I've seen all sorts, and some of the worst are in an un-named Indian nation several thousand miles from you (but convenient to my home). The unfortunate truth is that up here I can't use them to pass slower traffic without risking incurring the wrath of the local uniformed law enforcement personnel. That makes Mexican topes far preferable to those closer to home. Count your blessings.

    Mileage varies.

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    This is a silly argument?:ear"liking topes" is like "liking potholes"? Sure they often can get you around a bus/truck but if they weren't there I'd be all the happier as they beat on your machine, peg standing or not! And then there's the ones with the "bike slot" that are not quite wide enough but suck you into thinking that you're bike fits & then watch out:drif
    The underneath of my bike has many scars from the "lovable topes" , whats to like...