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    Apex, NC
    :clap:deal:wingsI've noticed here on the east coast well mostly down here in the south. You don't see as many GS's then you see on the West Coast or up North. So I got to thinking. How About a little GS's group here in Raleigh and surrounding areas' like Apex, Cary, Holly Springs and Everyone Else. If there is already a group please point me in that direction. Also travelers passing through are always more than welcome and help is close by if you run into issues along your way. There are some great local coffee shops and I'm game for supporting local businesses. So if your in the area after the New Year come Jan 2012 and The holiday season calms down We can start.:beer Shoot me your email address and I'll send out monthly emails about when and were we can meet or if you have places in mind around town we can go. Also up for a Saturday or Sunday rides too. Plan group trips to the coast or where ever we may decide. Share ideas and tricks. So shoot your email at

    I've got a yellow 06 GS. Hope you enjoy and lets see yours too. :freaky:freaky:1drink

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    Great Idea...

    I'm in Raleigh and am currently looking for a nice 2008+ GS Adventure....been riding for decades and need to get off road a little more....currently have an RT with 100,000 the combination of the Smoky Mountains and a motorcycle. I'll send you an email at your address.

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    Used 2009 Adventure at Capitol BMW.