GS911 with 550 chromebook?

Discussion in 'GS Boxers' started by magallanas, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. magallanas

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    I'm looking to hear if anyone has used a GS911 with a samsung 550 chromebook. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. rdwalker

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    Here is from the horse's mouth.

    Scroll halfway down to description of GS-911 software and which platforms it supports, in section titled "GS-911 software is available as two offerings":

    You are actually the only person that I know to have a computer with this weird browser-emulating operating system. The Chromebook is just a web-browsing dumb terminal, not a real stand-alone computer and thus will not support the GS-911, which needs a native program to run, rather than Google's cloud-based apps.

    For what it's worth, I am using my GS-911 with a Windows laptop and it works great. I would not get too hung up on other OS's.
    If you absolutely must use it while mobile, just get a phone from the supported-devices list.
  3. transplant

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    Sep 7, 2007
    I've never seen a development team more willing to blame their shortcomings on others than Hexcode. They made some poor decisions with regard to compatibility and the evolving device market and won't pony up to reach the bare minimum.

    "...Samsung Spica seem to have issues with their bluetooth stack.. (this is out of our control)..."

    "...This is an Android issue..."

    "Broadcomm Bluetooth stack bug on some HTC, LG, Samsung devices (like the Desire HD and Hero). There seems to be a issue with the way it supports the SPP..."

    an entire page of excuses at:

    I run external devices on my iPhone and I suspect that I could if I were an android user. I'd much prefer that they stated that their tool was Windows only rather than blame it on everyone else. There are some technical issues that they are not willing to address: period.
  4. JimVonBaden

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    Do you have any clue how many operating systems are out there? Further, do you realize how complex it is to have a different interface for each one? I suggest you let the dealer do your work for you.

    Jim :brow
  5. Marki_GSA

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    They are unwilling to support the iPhone because of several reasons and the blame does lay with apple.
    As for chrome OS all it is is a browser and everything it can access evolves around Web pages or Web apps. Not impossible for them to do I guess but getting information from what is a fancy serial port connection, parsing that information and then displaying it in some meaningful way is going to be a very hard thing to accomplish if even it's remotely possible.
    They publicly publish what they do and don't support so I don't see what the issue is. The only OS I expect everything to work on is windows. After that I check first before buying whatever it is.
  6. GSinfo

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    Apr 17, 2006
    Always sad, when you try so hard... and someone is so uninformed...
    unfortunately Transplant, all those "excuses" are what we refer to as reasons... we have found.. that most customers like to be informed, and they appreciate the additional information.. that way.. they can read up about it some more.. to make sure we're not sucking it out of our thumbs...
  7. lhendrik

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    Ignorance here requires those in the know to gently explain. How anyone can complain about an application that runs well, predominantly on a Windows environment is beyond me, but that is the world created by Apple and Android app proliferation. Hell, I want to be able to plug my GS911 into my Xbox, but go figure, it won't happen! Clearly a failing of the developer :)
  8. The Other JC

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    GS911 is a fantastic tool and is appreciated by many many BMW owners.:clap
  9. abruzzi

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    In their defense, Android is a fragmented mess since every mobile phone manufacturer customizes it for their hardware, then submits it to carriers who (at least in the US) customize it further. I'm just IT but we've stopped recommending Android for employees due to bugs introduced by carriers and manufacturers. If you buy android, buy a Nexus. iPhone's ivory tower approach limits certain types of use (not saying its not doable, it is a believable excuse.) Sadly I run mac and iPhone, so I'm out--though I haven't even bought a GS yes (working on it.)