GSA Luggage Grid, Vario Top Box on Pillion Seat?

Discussion in 'GS Boxers' started by The Jinx, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. The Jinx

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    Hi Inmates

    I'm not too sure whether it has been done before but I would like to share my little project

    Bike : R1200 GS
    Luggage Grid : GSA
    Top Box : BMW Vario
    Plate from Touratech. Part No# 01-044-0425-0. Luggage rack instead of Pillion seat

    What I want (mission!) :evil ? I want an easy way to plug and ride between my pillion seat, top box!

    Luggage rack instead of Pillion seat

    I then measure and drill the holes as per Vario base plate

    Tight it up! Voila!
    Close but not touching! Phew!

    Now I should get the back pad for the Top Box! :D

    I also add a bungee net into the Vario Top Lid

    Hope this help somebody here :)

  2. gundrted

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    I just came across your writeup and you did a great job.

    I'm looking at doing something similar on my 12GS. I was thinking moving the top case forward and then putting a duffle or dry back on top of it. Behind the top case (similar to the tail on your GSA) I would mount a tail plate from AltRider for two RotoPaxs.

    How has your setup worked? Do you think its strong enough to put a tent on top of the case? From your pics it looks like the tail is still usable, is that correct?