GSF 1250 crash and aftermath

Discussion in 'Face Plant' started by Khmerized, Nov 26, 2012.

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    Nov 25, 2012
    Hi all!

    I recently had a crash on my beloved Bandit. Some idiot did not stop at a red light (happens often here in Cambodia) and I screwed up my panic stop. It was wet and my front wheel locked up. The rest is a bit blurry, but the bike basically fell on its right side. I was going around 30 to 40 KM/H. Did not impact another vehicle.
    My helmet is basically destroyed, and visor popped out. My right shoulder has a massive road rash, as well as my two hands. I was lucky.


    - Bent radiator
    - Destroyed exhaust
    - Broken right passenger peg
    - Broken front right turn signal
    - Scratched up right crankcase cover
    - Slightly bent handlebars
    - Broken front fairing

    Now, I live in Cambodia, where parts are rare, just like good mechanics.
    I ordered all the required parts from BikeBandit, they should be here shortly. I also repaired the fairing and repainted it, looks like new.
    After making sure the radiator was still working (fan turns itself on) I took the bike for a spin.
    Immediately, I noticed that the steering was off.

    Going straight, it's slightly wobbly.
    Leaning into a turn, it's stiff and heavy.
    Going out of a turn, it tends to overcompensate: goes straight but I have to make some input to stop the bike from leaning to the other side.
    There's a slight tendency for the bike to go to the left.

    I have the following question: What could cause these symptoms? Bent fork? It was a low-inpact crash. I basically fell from the bike, but did not crash *into* something. As far as I can see, the fork is straight.
    Could it be the front wheel? The tyres? Could the crash have put the triple tree out of alignment?
    I can't see anything abnormal.

    Any suggestions appreciated.
  2. Charlie Gary

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    I would guess the fork legs are a little twisted in the triple-tree. If you look from the side, are the fork legs parallel?
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    you might want to check the steering head bearings. They may be notched (dented races) or loose. If they have any stiff spots, they must be replaced. It is better to go with the tapered roller types. There is a company ALL BALLS that makes better replacements. If you ride in rain a lot they need cleaned repacked and adjusted at a minimum.

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    Try sitting on the bike, hold the front brake and push forward, jouncing the front shocks. It'll probably feel fairly stiff. If so, easy to loosen up the triple(not super loose) and jounce the front end as above. If the triple was the problem this should get it straightened back out. Be sure to keep it straight while tightening the triple back to factory specs. Bent handle bars will also give you some of the sympoms you described. If bars hit hard enough to bend, the triple probably moved a bit also. Good luck! :1drink