GSXR 600/750/1000 Touring: Technical & Moral Support

Discussion in 'Road Warriors' started by alohagirl, Mar 7, 2013.

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    Following this thread now, 'cuz a 2007 Gixxer 1000 followed me home one day.

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    Ok folks, only right I chime back in (even if I haven't read the whole Thread)..
    I am the recipient of my wife's three week old hand me down (OP) and here is your update:
    So far I have made the simple mods which many have already listed.
    #1: Saddleman track seat. Love this thing!
    #2: Zero gravity DB shield. Looks great but didn't make a huge difference.
    #3: Speedy moto clip on risers. Good bit of kit in a easy to use package.
    never could get the Apex to fit to my satisfaction even though many have used these. (now for sale )
    #4: Wolfman tail bag , another good piece of kit. This stays on the bike for all my misc daily needs.
    #5: Cortech saddle bags are a great fit and swallow up everything for week of traveling (I don't sleep on the ground anymore so no camping gear)
    #6: carbon-like tank protector. If you use a tank bag you may want to add clear tape designed to protect the paint.This paint is soft!
    #7: -1 tooth on counter sprocket to make slow, super tight roads easier to navigate.
    #8: 12 v oulet for electric vest
    #9: adjust suspension to taste (started with Dave Moss settings and then softened up comp from there).
    I abandoned the original plans to drop the pegs with plates I designed because every thing fits me with the pegs in their lowest setting.
    Result? one good Twisty tourer! Would I pick this bike to spend the day on the interstate? No! But the reality is it is MORE comfortable than my 1050 Tiger on moderately bumpy roads, way better on smooth twisty roads, just don't plan on doing much freeway droning..
    I now have a little over 4k miles and one four day trip under her belt.
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    Word. And for track days, it's easy to put the clip-ons back on.
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    After arriving home from my first major road trip on the Daytona (4500+ miles), I can speak with confidence that the bike makes a capable tool IF you can take the riding position. I averaged just over 50MPG with a fully loaded Daytona 675R and aside from a stator malfunction leaving me stranded, the bike was dead reliable and performed beautifully.

    I can't say the same thing for my body however. 500+ miles, day after day took its toll on my legs, knees, my butt, and wrists. I could support myself with my core for the first 250 miles, after that, it was a measurement of what hurt less: my butt, my knees, and my wrists. My will vs my ability to complete the journey became a chess game. Unfortunately, because of the stator issue, I had to cut the trip short.

    My conclusion is that you can certainly tour on anything, but you must be up to the task. If not, "the right tool for the job" and whatnot. I won't be doing this sort of trip again on the Daytona, but a 600+ mile day or two isn't out of the question. I may yet attempt an IB ride on the Daytona for kicks.

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    Bump for this old thread, anyone else have any input?
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    Thats Awesome!

    A nice double bubble screen to move the wind upwards is a nice addition. Also, getting a tankbag that you can lean on when your body gets tired is a huge help and can relieve your wrists at times. I've never used one, but heard cruise control is a nice addition also. Sounds like adding some pegs for extra leg room has been mentioned as well as raising the bars.

    I find mounting bungee cords to the bike as being the toughest chore when touring on a sportbike. If you have bungee mounts, your doing ok.