Half Day out.

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    Oct 16, 2010
    West Valley, Utah
    So I got a half day off of work so I took off east as the weather in Utah has been awesome. :D

    I Went up to Kamas and then up to the 150. Found some nice trails to go up and got some sweet shots at the top of trail I went before it turned to snow. Check um out. :ear[​IMG]

    So... I get done I head head back west and I decided that instead of going back down I-80 it will be more fun to take the pass from park city over the mountain to Big cotton wood Cannon. NOT a good idea. :cry:huh [​IMG]

    As I get closer to the top of the pass it get wetter and I start seeing more of this white stuff all these people call SNOW! :eek1 All I got on the Tiger are the street tires and it slicker than snot. I hit a big puddle then some more of the white crap and the bike goes down right on my right foot. :eek2 Ok... So I pull it out and stand the bike up and start laughing my ass off cuz theirs all these hunters just looking at my like I'm on crack. (maybe I'm? I just love riding!) I go up another 10 feet and there about 5 inches of snow and its only getting deeper. The hunters suggest that its only slicker going down the other side of mountain into Big cotton wood Cannon. So with there help (because I had manged to dump it another 3 times (fracking SNOW) I turn the tiger around and back track back to park city and then back to SLC.

    Check the pics out.

    Over all it was a fun ride!
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    Aug 16, 2002
    You're lucky you didn't break your foot.. thanks for the report and pics :thumb