Harbor Freight tire spoon....cheap.

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by BHW, Jun 10, 2010.

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    I am fully aware that Harbor Freight sells a lot of junk. But occasionally I find useful tools there...although not always for their intended purpose.

    I was having a tough time with changing tires on my bike. While I was at HF, I decided to pick up a set of tire spoons. But they did not have any. All they have is that 24" bar with a spoon on one end, and a flatter lip on the other. I already have than one, as it's only $5. Only I cut mine in half and now have two 12" tire tools...they fit in a Camelbak easier that way. I will attest to this, that steel bar is made in India...and it was a BEAR to cut!

    This is the 24" tire iron I cut in half.


    Back on topic. No spoons in the store. But they have these pry bars with plastic handles. They sell them in sets of 3 with 3 different sizes for about $7 or individually for about $3. I picked up the 12" version as seen here.


    Took it home, and after a few minutes on the bench grinder, the sharp edge was rounded and smooth. Used it to mount a tire, and it works great!