Have a Good Memorial Day Weekend

Discussion in 'Alaska' started by Av8rPaul, May 25, 2012.

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    To the few I've met and the many I haven't yet, I hope you all have a great weekend as we kick off our summer.

    And as you enjoy our greatest state in the greatest nation (yeah I'm biased) please remember all who have fallen to give us and so many around the world the ability to live in freedom.

    One of my son's best buddies he served with in the 82nd Airborne was killed in combat last year and it really brings this holiday close to my heart. I may just be a Dad rambling on, but hopefully we all keep these warriors in our thoughts and prayers and never forget what our previous generations have done for us.

    Ride hard:thumb
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    Amen, brother.

    It's not about about the BBQ's and camp-outs, it's about honoring those people like your son's buddy who gave all he had for the cause of freedom. I will never forget all of those who have bought the freedom we now enjoy with their lives.