Heading south stop and random advice

Discussion in 'Americas' started by TreeBC, Aug 21, 2011.

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    May 9, 2010
    Victoria, BC
    So I plan on heading south from Victoria BC Mid/end of October towards the bottom of the baja.

    Money, first aid stuff, tent(ing stuff), Patch kit and tire change tools, A good condition working motorbike, proper gear are all of the things that I am knowing that i will need to bring down with me. But what above and beyond are things that should be brought?

    I will be riding an '04 950 Adv. Planning on the Oregon coast then a stop with fam in Cali and continue down.

    GPS, Cell phone will be brought but how about additional electronics like sat phone, Second GPS like a Garmin Zumo 220 or 660, Spot.

    Any tire recommendations? Leaning towards the Heidenau or Mefo.

    Extra Fuel Jerry can or something of the sort?

    So as far as gear goes i think that is all. But what about places to stop or avoid? Any real key stops of interest? Border or insurance advice? Places to spend more than a night?

    Anything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the time.
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