Hello All Kazakhstan and lots of questions.....

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    Hi all,

    I will preface this post by saying I am new to ADV touring and will be asking lots of questions so please bear with me.

    Has anyone used Nomad Tours?


    I am looking at going in late July / Aug time frame.

    Im just trying to do some basic research and hopefully vet them fully before booking with them. The price seems quite reasonable for the duration of my trip.

    Google isn't much help when I try to find info on them, but I did turn up some rad vids on youtube.

    I am relying on them for the guided tour and on my lady for route planning, but any suggestions along the way of must see places?

    I am still in the beginning stages of my pre-planning for the trip, so any advice on the area? I am going to start my trip in conjunction with Eid holiday so as not to be traveling during Ramadan through the area.

    Also I need some opinions on cameras. I will be using a Gopro Hero 2 on the handle bars, and I am looking for a good quality shoot and scoot type camera.

    I have it narrowed down to a Cannon G15 or G1x. Any opinions on the models?

    I will be riding a Ural for my tour :rofl Which is my favorite bike......Ever.

    This is one of my life goals and I want everything to go smoothly, I should be speaking basic russian by the time I get there which will help. (Taking a course here in Dubai, plus my lady is a Kazak local :D)

    Any advice for the first timer to the area?

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