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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by mishaparem, May 11, 2012.

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    Dec 29, 2011
    Not sure if this is the right sub forum to put this in, pls move if necessary.

    After I got my M1 license and a motorcycle, my mom decided she wanted to ride a motorcycle too. The problem is that she is really short, and wants to make long trips, so.... anyone know of any bikes, other than cruisers, that have low seats, and a soft ride with an upright posture? I don't really like cruisers so pretty much anything will fit the bill, a light sport touring with low seats would be sweet i think. In the mean time I'm looking at the honda shadow 750 for her.
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    I would advise you to start smaller than 750, Thats a lot of bike size/weight wise for a new rider. You want to build her confidence along with her abilities.Later she can get a larger bike and be ready for it. Maybe an older ninja 250? The older ones had a more upright seating position than the latest version. I know your not looking for a cruiser but We have a Honda rebel and its a very good small motorcycle, Ive given up trying to talk my wife into a different one.emti
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    The x was under 5', she rode a VStar 650,883L and Subzuki Savage 650 comfortably. Gotta admit the Vstar was one smooth ride,almost to smooth like a floating down the road. I prefer to feel stuff between my legs when riding something.:lol3
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    May 11, 2012
    The Honda Rebel is indeed an excellent choice for new small riders. It also has a riding position close to standards. The legs are not excessively forward.
    The SV650 is unpretentious, obedient and there are lowering kits for it.
    The Yamaha YBR250 may be the ultimate standard bike for new riders (it also has lowering options). Extermely comfortable too. Not very common in the USA though.
    BMW F650/F650GS have low suspension/low seat variants. So does the F800ST. But that 's probably too much power. Starting 250 is probably better.
    There are also the Daytona Ladystar boots (and similiar) which add an inch of reach. You may want to have a look at them.
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    I don't know what kinda standards are even close to the same position as a Rebel. Those pegs are WAY out there, IMO. The Nighthawk 250 is the same drivetrain, but it's truly a standard riding position. 'Too bad Honda never offered it stateside with a front disc like the Rebel though. Swapping on a disc front-end is possible, I guess.

    That drivetrain is simple, reliable, easily repaired/replaced with Ebay parts, and powerful/smooth enough for distance travel if you're not trying to rack up speed awards.

    For more power, you might look into a 500cc standard or quasi-sportbike. The suspension may not be very cush though. For more cush, a dualsport is the way to go. With up to about 12" of suspension travel, cush is easier to come by. Seat height becomes a concern though. The Suzuki DR650 can be found for cheap and made pretty low, while still offering more travel and cush than the typical streetbike. It also weighs less and survives dumps better than the typical mid-size streetbike. Stock seat height in the low position is about 33", which is still kinda high. Shave 1-2" from the seat and that feels much lower. Slide the forks up 1" in the clamps and install lowering links, and the seat is now 30"-31" or less. This is lower than many 250cc dualsports, while still offering slab-capable power/smoothness and better cush/travel at less weight than most fragile streetbikes.
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    F650GS with low seat.
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    My GF is 5'-02" and weighs 125 lbs and is in her mid fifties and with riding boots handles her factory lowered 2006 BMW F650GS with no issues. She has taken three trips out west on it and commutes with it whenever she can. She currently has about 28K miles on it. She has been riding for ten years and her first bike was a used 1997 Suzuki LS650 "Savage". She really built her confidence up with the Savage after taking the state riding course in which she got her endorsement upon completion/graduation. I'm short and I really did hate the Honda Rebel but that is a personal choice. My GF's twin sister has the Rebel and she likes it just fine, especially the price. I really like the Savage for new riders and I really like the end of season maintenance, takes about two hours for a full service and battery removal and that's really taking my time. The Savage is an old school thumper with a carb with conventional valves and tappets making valve checks and adjustments a breeze. Hope this helps. Regards, Jim.
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    Aug 12, 2010
    What about a mega scooter like the Suzuki Bergman 650?
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