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    Been emailing with the CKFD Chief letting him know that we got them covered and checking on space requirements. Below is my email and his response. Thanks everybody :D

    Hey Steve,

    On behalf of the Arizona Trail Riders and various inmates on the Adventure Rider forums I'm happy to tell you that a new electric range should be delivered next Thursday by Richard White. Between the two organizations we have about $500 to put towards the purchase of the range so we might even have a little left for some new pots and pans :)

    I was wondering what the space requirements for the range are so we do not get something that will not fit. Please let me know how much room you have and any other requirements and we can take it from there.

    You guys always have our backs so it's nice to be able to return the favor.

    Talk to you soon,
    Don Hood

    Hi Don,

    That is fantastic news. Please extend our thanks to the Arizona Trail Riders and all those at Adventure Rider who donated to this range. The area is 27 inches by 31 inches but the space can be made to accommodate an inch or two larger either way if needed. Thank you once again for your donation and support. Your generosity is truly appreciated. I look forward to meeting Richard next Thursday.

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    The new electric range for the fire department in Crown King is on it way up the mountain today
    3/21/13. Don from Arizona Trail Riders asked Richard who is also an AZTR member to volunteer to deliver it and he gladly volunteered!! I was able to get a great deal on it from Michael the store manager at the Home Depot at Bell Road and Cave Creek in north Phoenix. It's a GE glass top that retailed for $549 and I got it for $399 OTD. I would like to thank everyone From ADVrider, Arizona Trail riders and RidingAZ that donated to this cause.
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    Mar 18, 2013
    Delivered new stove to CCVFD today- Steve and the guys were REALLY glad to have it. The old stove in the crew quarters was so old I think Betty Crocker learned to cook on it. Besides that it was completely broken.
    -old stove
    -moving new stove in
    -all done!
    A big "shout out" to the ADV rider guys and specifically TERB for heading up the funding/purchase. Also thanks to PhxMan for handling funding with the ATR crowd. The CCVFD were EXTREEMLY happy to get this stove from us and were in desperate need of it.
    Thanks to all who participated!