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    Aug 19, 2006
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    The last two weeks of August a mate and I will be riding the southern portion of Idaho on a loop starting in central california. Last year, we rode Idaho North to South on our way to Canada, aye. I loved the state and wanted to return to see the southern portion, particularly the Sawtooth mountains.

    We'll be coming in via the corners of Nevada and OR, around Boise. And we want to cross and end up in Yellowstone NP before we drop south to cross UT.

    Any recommended routes? Must sees? Camping spots in the Sawtooths? We'll be on BMW R1200GS's, with full camping kit. So, we are fine with dirt and gravel, but nothing technical (I don't like to spoil a whole tour with one whoopsie while off roading over my head).

    I've attached a rough Google Map to aid in riders sharing their opinions.,-113.807373&spn=7.784331,16.556396

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    Dec 30, 2006
    Twin Falls, Idaho
    I would go north out of Boise on hiway 21 thru Idaho City to Lowman, great stretch of asphalt twisties
    there, east on 21 to Stanley, lots of good camping and hot springs, Bonneville and Sawtooth lodge
    [Grand Jean] are a couple of my favorite campgrounds with really nice hot springs. East from Stanley
    on hiway 75 to Challis, more good camping spots and Challis hot springs another favorite of mine. If
    you want to give the pavement a rest and do a little dirt try the Custer Motorway up the Yankee Fork
    it will take you all the way to Challis. North out of Challis to Salmon then south on the 28 to Tendoy
    then east over Lemhi Pass [good dirt] to Dillon, great BBQ at a place called Sparkeys Garage in Dillon.
    South out of Dillon on the Blacktail Deer Creek road to the Red Rock Pass road, [both good dirt]
    east to Henrys Lake,hiway 20 to West Yellowstone.

    Just my 2c, hope that helps
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    Jul 31, 2005
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    The interstate and hwy 95 in south ID are a drone. I suggest heading east on 50 to Eureka then north to Mountain Home which is 30/40 mi from Boise.

    Tour the Craters Park. It doesn't take long. Nice paved paths if you want a walk or two.

    I would take 93 north out of Arco. South east at Salmon then direct east at Tendoy, over Lemhi Pass.(30 mi of good dirt, if dry), South on I-15 and continue your route to Yellowstone. Several scenic side trip opportunities along this route.

    Pahsimeroi Valley, Burma Road, a Buffalo Jump, Yankee Fork Museum, some great scenic ranchlands in MT.

    A long dirt road SE from Dillon to Henry's Lake area near the west Yellowstone entrance. Haven't run it myself, but think it is big bike friendly.

    At Montpelior, ID, visit the Oregon Trail Museum. This is not your usual museum. Great entertainment from period actors.

    There are about 2 million people living along I-15 from the Idaho border to Provo, UT. A miserable piece of freeway for a bike. I would take 89 or something out of ID and then cross to the west side of I-15 as soon as possible. I've done the road down thru Minerville and it was empty.

    I've used the road from Snowville to Oasis, near Wendover, also. This gets away from your route, but just throwing it out there.I met one car and two trucks. Watch your gas thru here.

    95 is a direct route from Vegas to Reno, but it is a lifeless drone. 93 north to Ely is good. it's straight but scenic. My favorite road north out of Vegas. West on 50 and you pass close to Great Basin Park.

    Weather should be hot and dry, but cooling at night. Very little of your route is thru heavy forest, so forest fires shouldn't be a problem.

    I just saw El Brads post. Great minds think alike.
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    Apr 12, 2012
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    I'll second El Brad's suggestions.
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    Jun 26, 2008
    I like El Brad's suggestions. Hwy 21 is really crowded on weekends and heavily patrolled. I would suggest taking hwy 55 to Cascade. Then the road to Warm Lake. Then turn south on a really good unpaved road to Bear Valley and on to hwy 21 at Banner Summit. The scenery is spectacular and little traffic.