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Discussion in 'Thumpers' started by Rahi, May 17, 2013.

  1. Rahi

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    Feb 10, 2013

    I recently bought 2005, 50tkm F650GS with BMW system panniers, seat and handle heaters, ABS.

    Now I have noticed couple of things which bothers me a lot.

    - I think it's lowered. I am 180cm/5'92 and it feels way too small. I don't know how to check it but I get that feeling that front is way higher. Is there a way to check it without dismantling the bike? I have tried to adjust the suspension knob and screw but no difference. (edit: It is lowered, 5 coils in rear spring and seat product code is for lowered)

    - It sounds like sewing machine! to be honest, it does not sound like motorcycle. I don't mean that it should be like harley with shotgun pipes but come on... It seems that there is quite narrow offering on aftermarket exhausts for this bike anymore. Not to mention, how do I find one which fits with the BMW System panniers?

    - Also it feels little powerless. I know it's thumper and with odd 50bhp but combined with poor sound, It feels like I am taking to limits. It feels like it will break soon if I give it a throttle. Also when giving some push/torque, I hear the vacuum/piston sound "ploploploploplo!" (can't really describe it).

    - The front brake squeal and pulsates now and then. Not always. First I was afraid of the infamous steering bearing fail but I lifted the bike to center stand and with front wheel in air, I moved the handlebars end-to-end and did not feel any "bumps". My guess its the rotor which I measured to 4,5mm thickness (I think 4mm is the limit?).

    Am I being retarded or what should I do? To make things worse, I bought Aprilia Pegaso 650 (97) which is with same rotax motor but that sounds like V-twin and moves nicely with original exhaust and twin carbs. It's so weird how big the difference is around the same engine!

  2. Davidc83

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    Welcome to the world of bmw thumpers.
    Yours doesnt look lowered. If it was lowered at the factory (not the dealer) there would be an L in the vin number. If lowered somewhere else, you will have to measure the center stand and see which one is there, the normal height center stand is taller than the lowered, and if it was lowered without changing to the lowered centerstand, you would not be able to put it on the stand.
    The thumper does sound like an oversize sewing machine, and changing out the exhaust it will go from an angry sewing machine to a mellow sewing machine. There are some companies out which have exhaust for the thumper (two brothers for example). Check with your local dealer and see which exhaust they would recommend for your luggage system
    For the power, watch your tach; redline is 7500 rpms (approximately). It is not a speed demon at any speed (my little 250klx will beat my bmw 650 off the line everytime).
    The Aprila and the BMW motors are not the same. Rotax is a company which makes parts for both companies, but each within their own specs-this would be comparing apples to oranges. NOT the same engine.
    Brake squel could be the brake pads; I know my rear pads started squeling and I replaced the pads and no more squel.
    "ploploploploplo: sounds like you need to downshift one gear when giving more throttle-the power band on mine likes about 4000 rpm when accelerating, so if you are running less than 4000rpm and try to accelerate, downshift one gear and see if it helps, you could just be bogging down the engine.
    By the way, I have a 2009 G650gs, now with 35,000+ miles, love it except I do hate the sound of the thumper (use to love it); I prefer the sound of my v-twin I own (I own multiple bikes; v-twin, small thumper, big thumper)

    By the way, check out; great site for the bmw thumpers (and they have a FAQ section for the thumpers).
  3. trainman

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    Those are actually pretty nice bikes, the 650GS. If you have never had a thumper before you will find this bike to be on the smooth running side and have good horse power, ride a KLR 650 and see what I mean. Adding a different exhaust and other updated performance parts to this bike would be at a big loss to the bikes value, or should I say to your pocketbook. If you want a performance thumper go with a KTM and hold on. The 650GS seat is pretty dished out and will set lower, but you may have the factory lowered version as someone mentioned above. 2001-2007 BMW 650 Dakar seat will fit this bike and give you a bigger and taller seat, much more comfortable to.

  4. zeeko

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    Jan 13, 2007
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    Congrats on scoring a sweet 650!
    Those bikes fit a specific niche in the motorcycle world-it sounds like maybe you had different expectations for what you were buying?
    It is one of the best thumpers for touring and long-distance travel. Compared to other comparable bikes it is smooth, reliable, and very economical.
    Looking for power? You, my friend, bought the wrong bike! If I remember I think there is some sort of power commander/ecu tune for some extra juice but I believe that bike is tuned for long-term durability not performance.
    They are definitely low. I traded mine for an 1100GS and that was a big reason why. I am 6'2" and found the ergonomics to be set up for a much shorter person. Indeed, many people choose this bike as their first because it is lower and feels less intimidating. Tried a tall seat and that helped the knees a little but changes the feel of the bike. There are all sorts of aftermarket doo-dads for adjusting the ergonomics but that was not the route I wanted to go.
    The pulsing in the front brake--did you spin the front wheel when it's on the center stand to check for a warped rotor? It could be something with the ABS system as well.
    You'll either begin to love that bike for what it is or get sick of it and trade it for what you really want. Good luck!
  5. Rahi

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    Feb 10, 2013
    There is "L" in the middle part of VIN, so I presume it has been lowered, great... By the way, I used VIN decoder and seems that bike has been built 2/2004 but registered 2005. After this I went to check, I could not see other spark plug therefore the main reason buying this specific bike was to get newer.

    I drove my SO's Pegaso (thumper also) and it packs a punch and is really high to drive. That bike is way too loud =D

    I like the economy, heritage and engineering of the BMW. It might just that I have incorrect specimen here. Raising the bike, changing exhaust etc. costs quite a bit compared the price of the bike overall. I don't want to get rid of the bike, it just does not feel "mine". These things need to be sorted out or I need to get other bike. Either other 650GS or totally other bike.

    You know the feeling, you want to love it but you don't know whether to turn around and walk away. Like you wake up alongside of woman which is beautiful but stupid like a boot.
  6. Rahi

    Rahi n00b

    Feb 10, 2013
    Some status update. I like the GS but it's just too small for me. I have been driven SO's pegaso which is normal height and suits me better. Since those bikes share plenty of same components I have been starting to thing, what kind of project it would be to change rear shock and bits across the bikes.
  7. Gravel Seeker

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    Congrats on the new bike.

    I'm wondering if you've gotten hold of a low horse power model ?
    The same bike is sold as a 52HP and as a 37HP (I think it is).
    The only difference is where the throttle cable attaches to the throttle body and the throttle cable bracket (by the throttle body). The low power model only opens the throttle 70-755% or so.

    I used to have an F650ST which is essentially the same bike as the carbed Pegaso (they have different tops) and my F650GS Dakar is not down on power or slower than the ST was, so I would think you shouldn't notice too much of a difference between them.

    Intake sound. Common.

    It sounds like sewing machine
    You're not the first to make that comment.

    I'll let you be the judge, Staintune single can system, first with restrictor and then without

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  8. Rahi

    Rahi n00b

    Feb 10, 2013
    Thanks Gravel Seeker!

    The bike is the higher power version if you could say so. Thanks for the confirmation about the intake sound. I watched your video and my SO's Pegaso sounds exactly like the Staintune without restrictors. The exhaust has been changed but I don't know to what.

    I changed new Anakee 2 to front and the front brake squeeling and pulsation is gone I think.

    The bike is way too low for me (180cm/5'92) and I have put sales ad about it. I am so pissed off due this bike has all the bells and whistles I wanted but there is no point start raising the bike due costs.