Help me see more clearly... very sad story.

Discussion in 'Face Plant' started by Ed~, Apr 7, 2013.

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    I was riding behind a buddy of mine when he hit the rear end of an automobile. He suffered a very gory injury, and died in my arms.

    I was 19. I quit riding motorcycles until I was 48. Then, during my adulthood I spent time flying air rescue for the Sheriff's Office, working for a paramedic agency, and doing some street police work as well.

    Recently while undergoing counseling for a divorce, the psychologist I was seeing, whom I trust very much, said "You have all the signs of PTSD." Learning this and focusing counseling on this largely "forgotten" part of my life has been quite beneficial.

    I hope the OP will seek professional help in dealing with his thoughts, rather than sublimating them deep into his brain. "Forgetting" about these issues is the worst you can do.

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