Help please- need advice on a scooter purchase.

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    the 500 feels more like a motor cycle then a scooter in every way.

    Ps I know it doesn't have the power of the silverwing or the big Burgman but it sure feels like it should.
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    Jul 27, 2006
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    I have ridden a Honda Elite 80 for nearly 18 years. It is an 87 model. It does 40 mph, 45 down hill, has a basket on the rear rack to carry books or groceries, and it gets 130 mpg. The most important thing to consider, however, is that it is 18 years old and runs like a champ. I think the load limit on it is 350 lbs, and the seat is big enough for two (smaller people). This scoot is very light-weight and is more suited to commutes of 10 miles or less.
    Since my commute involves traffic at higher speeds for a slightly greater distance, I have recently purchased the Kymco BW (Bet and Win) 150. It cruises at 55 mph easily and gets 75 mpg. The BW has enough power to allow me to get out of the way, and so far, it seems to be a very solid machine. The engine looks suspiciously like a Honda mill. I understand Kymco makes parts for Honda. The BW is also liquid cooled, which ought to make a difference in longevity. As to "cute," I have a trunk on the rear rack that features a large, red LED smile, which scans back and forth, smiling at those behind me and which lights full and flashing when I apply the brakes.
    I looked at the Vino 125, and frankly, I would expect more from a 125cc. Maybe it is just a little heavy, but to me, it seems kind of slow for a 125. I am sure that those who ride them love their Vino's, and I don't want to start a torrent of indignation ... just a personal preference.

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    i suggest a used helix 250, i have one and it is great, it will start right up after sitting for a month, does 70mph+ 50+mpg. plenty of dry storage in the trunk, can hold 2 12 packs of bee... opps i mean cokes, added a 4 inch taller windshield, wife and i like to take it to the casino from time to time, 30 miles highway. only thing ever had a problem with is the damm back tire blew out on me.
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    My daughter is at Univ. of South Carolina and I got her a 50cc Honda elite to ride to class since parking on campus is difficult. In SC no plate, motorcycle endorsement or vehicle insurance is required for 50cc scooters, also---it's PINK. I bought it from a good friend who was the original owner. It is about a 1990 as I recall. I put on new tires and tubes, new mirrors, a new plug and cleaned the air filter---it starts and runs like a Honda, i.e. great. It has kick and electric start, about 750 miles total, and a little cracked plastic here and there, 2 stroke, oil injection, CVT transmission, totally reliable and a bunch of MPG's. My daughter tells me she is uncomfortable riding in traffic and it is`not getting used. If you want it for $475 for your daughter let me know. I'm in Charleston S.C.
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    There are a lot of scooter options and it depends on how fast your daughter wants to be able to go.

    Vespa makes some nice scooters but the name brings a premium price. I ride a Vespa LX150 and a 20 minute commute through hilly Central PA is a breeze. I wouldn't want to haul another passenger though---ever.

    Kymco, Suzuki, and Honda make some bigger scooters with good prices. Something in the 250cc range would be nice, maybe Honda's Big Ruckus. It will haul a lot of stuff and go 70 MPH. And it's built like a tank.

    The Vespa LX150, GT200 and GTS250 are all sweet. I have a lot of information on Vespa performance and ride on my blog. And you can see what the thing looks like out in the world, hauling 7 bags of groceries or a dozen tomato cages.....

    Good luck.

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