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    I would like to start with a question. Is building custom motorcycles a form of art?

    For us it sure is!

    My name is Panagiotis and with my brother Spiros we are hoping to start the Downshift, the first specialized custom building motorcycle workshop in Greece!

    For the past ten years we are part of this motorcycle community and we always thought of the motorcycles we owned as a part of our self. The need to customize the motorcycle to our preferences was there and through the years it became a passion. We started customizing our own motorcycles. At the beginning it was very hard just to get it right or simply to make it work. The learning curve was very steep.... But we insisted. With trial and error, with research, reading, learning, asking, help from professional mechanics, we managed to enter a whole new world of possibilities and potentials in custom motorcycle building.

    The next step was so predictable! One day we asked each other “why don't we make a custom motorcycle workshop?” And the answer was obvious “Why not?” And as they say “The rest is history!” This happened about a year ago. The concept was formed.

    Let's start Downshift, the first small business custom motorcycle workshop in Greece, specializing in building unique custom motorcycles. The customization aims to upgrade the performance characteristics of the motorcycle and to alter it's appearance making it unique. Every motorcycle will be available for selling and we also want to offer the ability for the customer to participate in the whole design process.

    We decided that the best option for our project is crowdfunding, so we created our campaign in Indiegogo (one of major crowdfunding platforms).

    And here it is:

    We also believe that the best place to share our dream and ask for help, is the many "inmates" of Advrider Forum.

    That's why we invite you to take a look at our project and if you like it and wan't to help, spread the word, share our campaign! Or if you feel generous we would greatly appreciate a contribution!:1drink

    Thank you!