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    Jan 11, 2013
    Hi everyone,
    been lurking for a while and have decided i need a DR650 to replace my KLX250S. Last year was my first real foray into dual sporting and had a blast taking dirt roads and back routes. However, here in Ontario it is necessary to do a fair bit of highway mileage at 55-60 mph to get to some farther away roads so i'm not stuck taking same routes. I just found the KLX lacking in the get up and go dept on the highway. Given that i prefer to ride solo so i dont do any tough trails or anything i dont think i will be sacrificing too much in the dirt dept. My intent is to ride mostly back roads and gravel roads with the odd double track trail if needed. Some highway miles at 60 mph will be required to get to some further away gems and would likely pack tent, clothes, etc for a 4 or 5 day trip.

    I have my eye on a couple of 2009 DR650s. One is a private seller who is the original owner who has put 30,000 kms [which is about 18,600 miles] mostly commuting and has seen very little dirt use, and nothing harsher than gravel roads. He also has done some mods that from my research I would be doing to a stock bike ie FMF exhaust and jet kit, Pro-Taper bars, skid plate, Moose barkbusters with the full guard, and newer tires and valves just checked. The other 2009 is at a Harley used bike only dealer and is completely stock with 5500 kms [3400 miles]

    The bike with less miles is 900 more plus i will have to pay full tax, then likely spend another 600? doing the modifications that the private bike already has. so folks, for the approximately 1400 dollars difference do i go for the low mileage or is 18,600 miles on a DR peanuts and i should just save my 1400 bucks for gear and not worry about the mileage and get that one?
    Also, a brand new 2012 is $2000 more than the used one at dealer.

    Or, should i just keep my KLX and get used to riding slow on the highway.
    thanks everyone
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    If you decide to go withthe DR650, my money is on the used unit with farkles, save the money and put to towards gear like proper boots, gloves, a compression suit, panniers or a tail pack, some tools, emergency gear (for bike and you) and maybe a really nice GPS that allows you to make routes/maps on your computer and upload them with your own routes programmed. ;)

    If you search around here, you'll quickly come to learn that DR650, while a bit stodgy to most, is legendary for being reliable with basic maintenance. Heck, there's even one guy I recently read who pretty much ignored even basic maintenance and the DR650 he was riding was realiable as a stone, with just random oil changes.

    Be ready for the noticable difference in weight, though, so be sure the big DR gives you the gitty-up you seek at highway speeds. ;)

    I know lots of folks who love their KLX's. There are big bore kits optiosn available to add a bit more power, if you're OK tinkering with engine internals.