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    Feb 7, 2004
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    I can't believe I'm actually posting here.

    After years of my trying the Udder Half has continued to insist she is not interested in bikes - or scooters. So this afternoon, out of the blue, she tells me that her and a friend are planning to buy a couple scooters and are going to start looking tomorrow. :clap

    Not sure it will get lots of use - thinking they should look at used first. I gound Apprilla, Geely, Strada, Verrucci, Derbi, Kymco, Vento, Vespa, Honda, Yamaha, Chituma, and some other off-brands (which may not be off brands in many other countries!).

    I believe in Honda reliability, and have also been very pleased with Yamaha motorcycles over the years - both reflect the name price - but are they worth the extra? The Vespa is a classic... but worth the extra for a no experience, occasional ride to the store or gym, scooter?

    I think she wants to do this on her own - so I will give some basic input and keep out of it until asked. I want her to ahave a good experience - low maintenance, ease of operation, etc..., so that I can gradually get her into a motorcycle... or not! What should I look for?? Help!!
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    Lead her here.

    What kind of price range is she looking at? How far are the planned rides? Cargo capacity? Speeds of local traffic?

    She IS planning on getting some training, right?
  3. Srbenda

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    And why not????

    Does she want to shift gears or Twist-n-Go? Most likely she wants a Twist-n-Go. That will eliminate the Stella, PX 150, Bajaj Chetak, etc.

    She prolly wants something stylish, which eliminates alot of other stuff...

    Honda Metropolitan, Vepsa, and the Yamaha Vino. The Vespa's are seeming to hold their value rather well.
  4. Double Moo

    Double Moo lookin' for adventure

    Feb 7, 2004
    Salt Lake City
    Training a must! What is ATGATT for scooters?

    I did some searching and gave her some info last night. After telling her what I found without trying to be pushy I asked..."It's really going to come down to looks, isn't it?"


    ""Good cause there are a lot of things to..."

    "It's a matter of 'cute'.":huh

    Wherein most of us are here because we actually liked and purchased a GS or other Dual Sport... I'm not sure we are qualified to judge 'cute'. :D

    Shifting would be a no-no. Traffic is medium in the planned ride area of maybe a 10 mile radius - back roads available for most routes. Speeds not to exceed 40 mph. Cargo would mostly be gym gear - cycling mostly.

    I'm guessing they'll lean towards the Metropolitan or Vino. I like the looks of the Vento's better. In the event I actually ride it - how will I look? Thats the real question...
  5. Photog

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    Oct 13, 2003
    ATGATT is the same. A scoot is a small motorcycle. No difference in the physics (crashing hurts) or issues with cagers (they're clueless). ATGATT and training are a must.

    I've done the t-shirt and jeans thing (lid, gloves, boots) on the scoot but was well aware that I was begging to get my ass rashed. It's tempting since scooters are so easy--jump on and go--but get her in the habit of at the very minimum jeans, boots, jacket, gloves, lid, eye protection.

    If she's focusing on "cute" she might rebel against that but's a discussion you gotta have.

    There's plenty of stylish stuff out there nowadays for women that's pretty lightweight but offers protection.

    A 50cc might do the trick especially if she's cutting through suburbs:

    Yamaha Vino - common as crabgrass around here as a college bike
    Yamaha Zuma - 2 stroke, very popular, durable, fun
    Honda Metropolitan - has the Ruckus drivetrain. 4 stroke, quiet, reliable
    Kymco ZX-50 - 2 stroke, 2 year warranty, nice daily driver
    Kymco Super 9 - 2 stroke, 2 year warranty, liquid cooled, badass
    Vento Triton - 2 stroke, and
    Vento Zip R3i - 2 stroke, and

    All those scoots have enough under-seat cargo capacity to shove in some gym gear. :thumb

    If the trip radius is gonna include lots of hills or the scoot's gonna be used for commuter duty in faster traffic, bump up in displacement.
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    Not to be confused with the brand TN'G (Twist and Go).

    A no-shift scooter has a CVT continuously variable transmission that shifts automatically.

    TNG has a lot of stuff available but I like Kymco(14000 miles to date), Vento, Derbi, hondayamaha.
    My Kymco is stock, is a 50cc, and will do 40-45 (I think, no speedo).

    I talked to a lady the other day that owned a larger bike but was riding (and raving about) her Yamaha Vino 125cc. I've seen it up close and it is very well made.

    I would caution you about a brand you listed--Verucci. I have been working on (trying to keep running) a Verucci Nitro 50cc

    It sat for a long time, bought on Ebay, I'm helping it get broken in for a friend (if I can start it).

    If I undo a nut or bolt I had better have a replacement ready because almost every time they are stripped or rusted or broken. I've resorted to zip tying pieces and had all sorts of troubles. I'll be glad when it is gone.
    The biggest problem? No rear suspension until I replaced the bolt that supports the shock in the frame....couldn't believe it. I removed the kickstand because it scraped on the left side nearly wiping me!?
  7. Double Moo

    Double Moo lookin' for adventure

    Feb 7, 2004
    Salt Lake City
    Udder half went and looked at several brands - sales guy liked the Diamo Retro - 150 4 stroke. Anyone have any bias one way or another? Dealer offered 1 year warranty including free oil changes and service checkups - price is about $400 less than list on the net.

    Anyone order any scooter through the net?? Any warranty issues?