HERE WE GO BACK TO GETHER AGAIN.( A Nortons 30 year wait in a box.)

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    Nov 5, 2008
    Childers S.E. Qld. Australia
    Cripes where to start.
    me i spose, put a face to it and all that.

    My son in law bought this bike off a bloke in Lismore N.S.W.
    5 years ago.


    Apparantly he had it in his shed for 20 plus years.
    So it cost him $ 2,400 can't remember why he needed to sell it but i had first dibs.
    I had sold my K100 because i couldnt slow down on it, i just love speed.
    Lismore to Maryborough (456 km) under 5 hrs is insane, i was going to jail or get dead.
    very sad day when i sold that


    So back to the ES2,
    it was used as a hillclimber in grafton before that, hence the knobbies.
    going on the style of the back mudguard it came from the african campain
    before that, which is hard to work out as its a 1947 frame and 46 motor.

    Dejadog faithfully guarded it in the garage for 3 years.


    so i offered him 2,400 for it when he hummed a bit about wanting money for something.
    arnt i a good father in law, not.
    did i tell you that the sidecar in the back ground came with it.


    Deal done carted it up to maryborough.
    put the chair on ebay
    took 2 goes at it till it SOLD for $ 1,400.00
    Thats right 1,400.00 fookin dollars... :rofl
    Ive now got a 1947 NORTON ES2 for a grand .
    let the spending/restoring begin.


    first things first put it all together.
    new rings rebore etc etc....
    < yes i stole the images, i forgot to take a pic as i rebuilt the donk. >

    While this was going on i scoured ebay for the parts that were missing
    battery, footpegs, speedo, amp meter , etc boring, etc....
    got it to this stage 98% ish... cost back up to around $ 1800 now.
    nearly the cost of a 10 year old beagle dog, Vet's dat's another story.

    Moved to Cordalba 10 mins north of childers , you should see this place
    1 pub only town of 50 or 60 athethist's as far as i can work out
    3 churches all converted in to living quarters ( as they should be)...

    our pub

    Right, pull the whole thing to bits again ,
    Visions of 1 box for chroming,
    Another for painting.
    in the meantime kids are getting married,
    ex wifes are sending me invoices ??
    dogs are getting sick etc etc ad boring nausium etc,


    fuckin broke again.Luckily.
    As the chrome bloke in bundy looked,
    laughed, waved me back outside, nice bloke.
    he is actually.
    both wheel rims, floggin a dead horse.


    Didnt think the back one was all that bad.


    no worries, I'm over it,
    ill buy new instead of repairing...
    $ 560 each !!
    what ,,
    il get back to ya,
    yer right.

    Other box to the painting man
    that went a bit quicker , $ 1200.00 to sandy blasty and paint
    I explained again that i only wanted a shiny black finish on the bits and
    the tank needed to be silver like on a comador car.
    "OOO" fookin light bulb moment here ,
    the tank will be $ 600 extra it states,
    More than what i paid for the whole thing....
    some blokes are pschyic i reackon,
    cya later,
    have a nice day.
    Buy 4 cans black 2 grey on way home, solved that.

    Time to put it all back together again


    OK well i've been carting this zuki 860 frame around



    and a leyland alloy V8 around for a few years with the idea of making a
    v8 bike to play on in the paddock when i retire... !
    WHY CAUSE i was exposed to E.J. Potter as a 9 year old child.
    my father didnt know what he was doing,
    that night at surfers dragway changed quit a few neuro's in me head.
    we'll ive been good at math's ever since also... !


    Buggar.... spose i can pull the front end off it and stick it on the norton,
    dont supose the old dudes with the funny number plates will notice or care ?
    Modify the steering head ,
    switch from ball's to rollers too easy,2 bushes $ 55.00

    finished to easy..

    So i expected the back wheel to be as easier,
    Idiot ....



    New axel is easy,my man says..
    grafting a sproket onto a shaft driven mag wheel
    and retaining the cush drive will take an extra week.

    Mate im on a deadline here,
    i have to go to Springsure in 6 weeks.
    Now this engineer is a good bloke but a bit cheeky
    and disrespectral of the age difference..
    He laughs, you can walk 360 miles in 6 weeks,
    at least he converts it back into miles for me..

    All the help is laughing all the time at least their happy..
    While i wait for the axel to be made and the sprocket to come.
    i start tightening up bolts etc..doing a bit of painting,
    putting stuff back that i cleaned ages ago ie gearbox , etc...

    must put some oil in that box.

    will probable wire it up next week. That will be interesting
    as i fancy my self as a bit of an sparky..

    Did i tell ya bout the trailer, probably not.
    Anyway might leave that one for barb to tell
    as she hasnt shut up about it since i fixed it's blinkers, not...

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  2. OldOzy

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    Nov 5, 2008
    Childers S.E. Qld. Australia
    THAT trailer.....

    ok, got the sad old thing cheap from brother- in- law, was a heap of rust , but , registered to go on road and we were moving house !

    We had to spend another $100 to get the rustbucket made stronger , so that it was capable of carrying the beloved motorbikes from Maryborough to Cordalba...and to our surprise it got up here in one piece !

    It's great for taking crap to the dump,but the lights were always going on it, SO Jock 'fixed' it by re-wiring it,now every time it goes on his car, the lights and blinkers go out on the car and the trailer ! Too dodgy,needs to be dumped,but Jock won't hear of it, there's always a place for a bit more junk, ya never know when it may come in handy....

    I say re wire it , get it going properly ,or F*** it off !


    AUS CRUZER Lets Cruz

    Feb 9, 2008
    :lurk Keep it comin old fulla:D
  4. Shmerel


    Aug 14, 2007
    Where my soul takes me

    great stuff. ask atgreg to shift it to old school, where the inmates live for this stuff.
  5. Clancy

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    Jun 11, 2006
    Land of droughts, and flooding rains
    Great stuff:clap more please.
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    Oct 5, 2006
    Montville Australia
    What the F@*k is this Old fella bit! I'm his age and just a youngster at heart :D

    geesusss you young people! :rofl
  7. philth


    Nov 8, 2006
    bald knob
    legendary old ozy
    can you restore my postie bike?
  8. Clancy

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    Jun 11, 2006
    Land of droughts, and flooding rains

    :rofl :rofl :rofl At least I don't LOOK as old as Ozy. But they say a beard always adds years:wink:
  9. Bigem

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    Aug 30, 2007
    Love the Beagle mate!! I still have two of the silly things, my old bloke died last year!!
    Keep the pics coming!
  10. OldOzy

    OldOzy Banned

    Nov 5, 2008
    Childers S.E. Qld. Australia
    fixt, Thanks, An there's plenty more to come .
    No thanks,, You ever had a look in there ?.... 194 pages of threads.
    Barb has done her side of the story , ill get to mine, after i work out how she knew my password was the same as the name i call me dick .
    cheeky whench logged in as me and put that up.
    going to a wedding next weekend so ill post me progress on thursday night.
    corse i can, I'll do it in me head, post it across with 2 rattel cans of your prefered color
    At least 20, last time i looked in the mirror nacked.
    yours may be silly, mine are stupid.
    more pic's .... OK .....
  11. OldDog

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    Feb 20, 2005
    Mudgee, Australia
    Good stuff old fella. I love Nortons as most here will atest, i'm really gonna have to get another one. I like the wheels, very creative, can't wait for it to be finished:clap
  12. OldOzy

    OldOzy Banned

    Nov 5, 2008
    Childers S.E. Qld. Australia
    Thanks , i followed the build of your duke, very neat. hope it hold's to-gether in the rough stuff for you. i saw one the other day in town a bit beaten up, thought to meself bit of paint, change the suspension a bit ( wunder what the wreckers got laying around fork wise) lengthen the swing arm a bit, nobbies
    and im in the bull dust big time,
    funny thing the sub conciouse huh !
  13. b0mb3r

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    Jan 30, 2005
    Sunshine Coast QLD
    this thread is so good ...... cant wait till thursday :deal
  14. OldOzy

    OldOzy Banned

    Nov 5, 2008
    Childers S.E. Qld. Australia
    JEZUS where do i plug the blinkars into this 6 volt positive bloody earth all black wires covered in cotton setup.


    i know i said i'd be doin the electric's thursday night and i might yet.
    Went to town to-day talked to larry the lath lizard.. axel will be ready friday arvo, wasent expecting that ! he got a 5/8 pitch sproket out of his head some how.
    Told em they were the best in the world gonna nomernate em for the best service buisness etc ( and i will.) but failed to tell em im going to sydney on friday arvo for barb's daughters wedding in the fookin north shore , Palm Beach achtually....
    So ive had to have a bit of a slash and some edge trimming done, local chick in the saloon did it for 15.00 so im sorry if your in The Noorth Shoore this weekend you probably wont know who i am cause i look different to me pic at the start.
    I love it how as ya get older your mind just wanders of by itself for a while.
    Right back to left of the center, Whilst ( might use that word a fair bit this weekend) Whilst in town i investagated geting unnamed as yet m/cycle registered, I really just wanted to know would they do a road worthy check with old tyers on it and if they pass it,
    ill put new rubber on then take it over the pits...
    No need mate if we pass it you leave here ( bike shop) registered..:huh
    Got em to repeat that in me other ear,
    it balanced.
    How can ya do that it's 2009 the year of the paranoid polly,
    Easy we've got a mechanic here who builds his own bike's knows all the engineering mumbo fukin jumbo call brissy they have a great old time on the phone, give you a plate off ya go , on ya bike.
    have a look, got a stack of em on the shelf (plates)....
    :bow fuck, sounds like some sorta religiouse movement to me.
    Do you want to have a yarn with him,
    Knoath, hang on i'll get me camera.

    ( this fukin camera has a 1 giggly bit's of memory card and runs the battery dry keepin it alive or maybee its the 1000 stupid differt settings that its capable of rembering that flattens the bats after 7 pics,
    But i can take 2300 pics if i could plug the bugger into the mains.)

    sorry ..
    Round i go and heres this nice little guy almost sweet actually
    he says hellooo I say howdy wass happening ( practicing for the week-end) poser...
    Have a bit of a yarn with this dude he's pretty switched one and appears to be the duck nuts.
    He points over me shoulder and say I worked it all out when i was building that and getting it regoed.
    Fuck :(: im lookin at this big black thing with a bloody armchair bolted on where the back wheel should have been,
    i said didnt the honda badges throw em abit.
    Not that ya nong the white one.

    Ooo I took pic's ,have a look, you work it out..
    If he can get that regoed,
    a 60 year as yet un-named motor cycle should be a formality.


    no funny smilies till i get me plate, OK....


    Personally id be patenting the steering system, Evinrude have already, ok then...


    I'll try and upload some electrifyingly interesting wireing stuff to-morrow before i hop on the airy plane to the noorth shuuureee... yes ill get permission to put a few pics up of from the festivities...
    Ill get back at barb for the trailer massacre at the same time, she's terrified of planes.......
    Dog's i hear you say,
    Recovering well thanks.... a dog sitter's and house guard is driving up as we write/read.

    Stupid dog...

    Hope all you folk down coffs way are ok looks like global dampening is kickin in hard...
    Belligen jezz bummer twice now..

    <<< could ya call a bike the dark prune ? >>>
  15. Clancy

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    Jun 11, 2006
    Land of droughts, and flooding rains
    Ozy....Sir,,,,you are a fkn champion:rofl :rofl :rofl Best report I've read in years. Between your writing and Steve's, this is better than TV. Thanks.
  16. Siva

    Siva Canberra ACT OZ GSer

    Jan 20, 2007
    Xellent ! write up ...:lol3
  17. OldOzy

    OldOzy Banned

    Nov 5, 2008
    Childers S.E. Qld. Australia
    Electric work is comeing along, i apolagise to those astute enough to pick up that its not positive to earth as i previously stated. Thats only for the new BM's apparently..

    I've run a few wires and im working out how to graft the jap controls to the pommie as yet unnamed part's.
    The jap stuff is all colored and pretty and the pommie stuff is all grey.
    Course i can see the missing engine bolt, dont panic.

    As im doing it in me head it gets a bit tricky and will probably have to try to do up a bit of a ciquit diagram for future reference. The whisperer told me today that doing shit in yer head is the same as meditating, i had to agree with her as i had a bit more work to get done then.


    need to get a few parts on monday,blinkars and a horn. and some cable's
    I'll go to the wreacker in bundy. i'll give him the frame and back shockies
    if he wants em, and take it from there.
    Dog whisperer and house guard arrived this morning, can't beat old friends when they turn up.
    Long trip, Bucket a T and a white Ox. to easy.

    kept hearing "so good to see you again you old hippie troll",
    and worse, as i wander round tidying up round the yard.
    We're getting ready for the rain system that hit brisbane thursday
    arvo and should hit us to-night , prolly not..


    Buggar spotted, have a look at that cup she brought with her.
    These 2 had a great natter most of the day. Funny they both come from Essex and did the 10 quid caper lived in Manly sydney for most of their lives
    2 block's apart but never met up till they both moved to the Wide Bay 8 years ago.

    fuck wireing, have had to prepare me self to go to the big smoke
    ill do the video for the kids. so ive got to check all the gear out,
    we'll edit and cut it when we get back and should have the DVD ready
    by the time they return from the honeymoon..

    Lookin good dudes

    Where on the plane tomorrow possible double wammy storms and flying
    put shit on my trailor pay the price, its just the way it is...

    Till tuesday, when ill have me back wheel on and maybe start to hook up the rear disc, baring disarters.
    Now that will be starting to give me that proud
    daddy feeling when i get both wheels working.
  18. OldOzy

    OldOzy Banned

    Nov 5, 2008
    Childers S.E. Qld. Australia
    Friday night im cooking tea, chicken curry.
    Usually cook for 2 but the whisperer is here to-night better get an extra packet of chicken out of the freezer to defrost for tea.
    Did i tell ya this hippy dog catcher has a few idiosyncrasies,
    IE: she doesnt use microwaves and a few other douzies.
    Anyway tea goes down nice , like some more , yes please hmm not a lot of chicken left over for to-morrows lunch ar fuckit we'll eat it all to night.
    Up early off we go no problem this time with security at harvey bay, keep me mouth shut, no jokes about how terriorist's would be trying to get into the country via other channels rather than landing on the other side off frazer island in a fuckin submarine then flying virgin to sydney,
    Out on the tarmac, Barb requires a reasonable solid push in the back.

    What ... get on that thing, yes please.

    To easy, An $ 8.00 sammich later and were in the smoke, straight through security no mention of bikies or the phone charger in me shoe.
    Not going there on that one save to say big citys dont welcome me like id like them too.
    Mark grab's us at the gate, drags us off to his car apperently the fuckin world will end if we dont hurry hurry hurry till all our veins swell up and we die from stress.
    Off we thunder ,
    We'll them sydney council/government folk can see ya comeing for miles, cost us $ 14.00 to go 45 Km's just to use the roads.
    Petrol extra, to drive from the airport to avalon.
    We paid cash , the car paid an etoll and some other bloody autodebit thingie for going past some bloody lectric thingie although getting from one end of sydney to the other and dodgeing the harbour bridge was a pretty neat.
    no wunder they chased the bushrangers and highway men so hard, they wanted the toll for themselves.

    Finally arrived and got to RELAX... !


    Now this bloke thats marrying barbs daughter is pretty cool, nice bloke although (slightly unconvential, specially for a mercedes benz managing director in narrabeen)
    Dress rules for Palm Beach wedding.
    no shoes, no ties, shirt's to be not tucked in.
    christ know what the women wernt allowed to wear.


    All goes off ok.... not allowed to put any pics of the exceptional reception at The Sugar Palm Resturant and Bar, but we did have to put our shoes back on.
    But i can say the 100 bucks i chucked into the drinks tab, like made about 4/5th of fuck all difference to the total bill. The tucker had names i couldnt spell and im a pretty good speller, bloody tuna won tons and salmon suzukie roll's or sumthing, all looked a bit too much like sik to me..
    All the dood's were wearing suits with no ties or socks and weird stuff in their pockets etc. Most of the chickies were wearing spensive pashmina's (thats a scarf to use nong's )

    All things come to an end, bus picks us up and off we go again back to the bush.
    Theres been floods in coffs and brisbane while we are away so the weather is still a bit scary for barb anyway, bargain.

    On we hop , the stewardess says sorry for the delay they lost 30 mins in coffs on the way in trying to land ,
    had to go around 4 times.
    door swings shut , plane fires up.
    Barb sit back down, white .
    Coffs is between here and home aint it she stutters.
    Fraid so, hold my hand, that'll help !
    Not a bump all the way, female pilot bangs her down early in the bay.
    In the car, 45 mins and were home.
    Rember the chicken. nope , me neither.
    Dog whisper's got a few storys to tell us she reackons.
    O.K. i got pic's and video to down load, cya later , good luck.
    Apparently one dog howled all night, well at least till it had 1 and 1/2 tabs of valium shoved down its throat.
    The other dog swallowed a plastic bag,
    parently ya can get a dog to vomit if you shove ,,
    we'll you prolly dont need to know that,
    and it could be a trade secret i spose.
    What about the fuckin chicken.
    We all calm down once the dog's stories are over.
    Then the wisperer, whom i thought had finished says if ya turn this ceiling fan on in the dinning room you can just smell a dead mouse.
    where do you think that might be, apparently she started to smell it the day after we left. Its not a hot day but its warm,
    I dont want to do anything, I'm wandering around muttering jet lagged etc...
    Come here smell this , Jezzus that's bad, must be a rat in the ceiling.
    Ya turn on the fan and it sucks the smell straight through the tonge and grooves.
    Get ladder , man hole cover negotiated, into the insulation diggin around,
    The wisperer leaves, trailing an ominouse echo of cackling laughter and cya later as she roars off.
    fuck this house stinks now.
    Cant find it, turn off the fan.

    Lets have a cuppa first .... defrost some of that fruit cake OK.
    Ding Ding microwave door opens for the first time since friday, fuck.
    I turn.
    "Your a fekin idiot", I what .
    Fukin laugh at me about flying, knowing full we'll you've left 1/2 a k
    of dead chook in the microwave for the weekend.
    But, But, Buggar. i are an idiot.

    Lucky we got a spare micro up in the shed, this one is history.
    i took it up to the bin but we can still smell it from there.
    Anyway of to Bundy tomorrow, sus out some some stuff for the as yet unnamed bike and the rally in springsure.
    wunder if frozen chicken would last long enough to get out to springsure.:(:
  19. Russ

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    Jul 22, 2007
    What a great way to start the week, good laugh thanks:thumb :thumb
  20. OldOzy

    OldOzy Banned

    Nov 5, 2008
    Childers S.E. Qld. Australia
    Disarster , This rebuild is turning into a hall of smoke and mirrors.


    (sorry bout that, its the neatest pic i've seen this week.)

    Disarster, Disapointment, no finished axel.

    Larry the lath lizard told me "not a prob , pick em up last friday nite.
    So i went to sydney instead.
    Monday i cruise in to Childers, if you could call nursing a 3 1/2 cylinder magna up the hill's round here cruising.

    Nothins been done mate..
    where ya been..
    spected ya here on on friday night..
    how did ya want this bit to work again..
    coulda done it then..
    you could have had it sat morning..
    Thought ya was in a hurry..
    wanted to ride out into the sunset or some fukin thing.

    Well i um ,, had to go to sydney, to me step son in law's funeral.
    O,, well sorry to hear that.

    So the mod to get the cush drive involved, is worth waiting for as there's a possibility i may be running it on steam one day.
    Just a possibility don't get all excited and jump up and down and start dragin out stupid old caps.
    Fuck, if the old dudes with the funny number plates hear about it they'll flail me to me bone.

    This is very close to where me new axel, allegedly is being made.

    So i need to fill in a couple of days, I've walked past the as yet unnamed genderless motor cycle a couple of time's.
    Moved a bit of shit around in the shed as ya do when your restless and waiting for ya brain to slip into the zone and start soldering...
    Nuthin, wont start stupid fukin thing,
    then i think to me self im starting to sound a bit like thetrev cause ive just read his "build a bike in a weekend" thread to fill in a bit of time.
    now that was priceless stuff i know it can rain a lot up there and cabin fever can unlocked the creative juices in more ways than one ...

    Barra said to me ages ago if ya get stuck give tHEtREV a call, he can build a bike from scratch in a weekend. i thought he was jokeing, crikey that thread should be a sticky , prolly is in a list somewhere and im too stupid to find it.
    Fuckin meat ant's are terrible distracting.


    Thought i'd see what else this young blokes been up to, Cricky 174 pages on a poll on weather his new girlfriend is a pschyco or not. couldnt read it all but when i get to the end there's this horrible gap that need's to be filled in.. "The happy Ending" well that's what im hopeing for.

    Dont keep me wundering Trev, What the fuck's happened to the snake chick.

    You're welcome.
    thanks, hope all go's well for you and yours.