Higher fuel prices cause more motorcycle accidents...

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    Or, one could ask how much of the increase in Motorcycle related deaths occurred from people switching from a cage to a motorcycle and going out and killing themselves? PA also has no helmet laws.
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    I can see where there could be some correlation. When gas prices rise, noobs buy bikes, posers start riding for daily transportation and some who haven't ridden for a couple of years fire the old bike up. Noobs and people out of practice start riding in heavy traffic and they don't have the skills to make survival decisions. A dangerous combination.

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    if you have 100 motorcycles on the road and 5 crash that's 5% if you have 200 bikes on the road and 10 crashes that's also 5% but its 100% rise in crashes...yikes sell them bikes fast folks the statistician is gonna get ya :eek1

    By this lodgic if you keep gas prices low, you get less crashes, this is erroneous data unless you have a correlation to the total number of bikes on the road - in that case the crash rate although grater in numbers could be a smaller percentage - but probably wont be :D
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    Do these statistics include those 50cc scooters not even tagged and licensed in some states? People buy them for the promise of 100+MPG. The small underpowered scooters are inherently dangerous, never mind the untrained and unprotected riders.
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    Gas prices go up,.....motorcycle riding goes up,......crashes go up. And I sure wish the media would quit calling them "accidents" when in reality they are "crashes".

    So. We need a bunch of researchers and the media to tell us this? Good thing all the brain power and expertise is out there to clear up the obvious for us. What WOULD have been more usefull to find out, is when gas prices go up and cycle riding goes up, how many of those increased number of riders have done things like:
    1. Take a riding or training course,
    2. How many of those riders actually RODE their cycle more than 1000 miles in the past two years,
    3. How many of those riders are NEW riders, recently licensed or recently returning to riding to "save on fuel costs."
    4. How many of these crash statistics are smaller bikes, or scooters, or how many are big/heavy bikes ridden by "once in a while riders".

    Those kinds of stats may be more useful and meaningful. Then we get this kind of blather from a supposed safety "expert":
    "With motorcycles, there's not much you can do to improve safety. They're just out there, hanging on their own," said safety researcher James Hedlund, who studies motorcycle accidents for the Governors Highway Safety Association, which represents the highway safety offices of the states. The best thing you can do is wear a helmet, and helmet use has gone down over the past 30 years," Hedlund said.

    THIS FROM A SAFETY EXPERT!!?? Bullshit! Helmets help to save brains and reduce fatal injuries. But TRAINING and rider skills to AVOID crashes do far more than just helmets alone. This simply goes right along with the gov illusion that helmets solve the issue. Also, he claims "there is not much you can do to improve safety."

    The HELL you can't! Safety starts and ends with the rider's attitude about how his/her safety and risk reduction is applied, and THAT is where real safety/risk reduction can be addressed. But he makes these useless statements in the public media and all non-riding, and a large portion of the riding public just take it.