Home made (cheap!) clutch alignment tool

Discussion in 'GS Boxers' started by macxx1, Oct 30, 2010.

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    Jul 14, 2010
    First, understand you probly don't really need one if you are careful
    just sighting the disc in on the center of the clutch assembly.

    But - anyway - if you'd like to make one, it's easy and inexpensive.

    The first time I changed my clutch I poked around in my stash I call
    "miscellaneous hardware" (I save most anything) to see what I could
    come up with. I built my own house, do very nearly all my own car
    work, fix all my own appliances, etc etc, so over time have accumulated
    a lot of "stuff".

    I had discovered the clutch release pushrod fits snugly into the socket
    in the flywheel, so was looking for something to use with that.

    Found a little white plastic block with a hole in the center and it was tapered,
    didn't have a clue what it was. The hole was just a tad too small for the clutch
    pushrod to go thru it, so carefully measured the OD of the pushrod and drilled
    the hole bigger with a bit that was just a very little bit smaller than the OD of
    the pushrod. The idea was to get a very snug fit over the pushrod.

    Seemed to work pretty well to center the clutch disc.

    A few days ago I was looking for something in the plumbing dept at
    Lowes and happened to spot a bunch of them. Not sure if this is the
    right name for it, but it's the little plastic block that fits over the stem
    of a faucet to adapt one type of handle.

    So if you don't want to trust your eyeball, here's one nearly free option.
    If nothing else, it's an easy way to hold the disc in position while you
    assemble the clutch.

    <!-- m -->http://s719.photobucket.com/albums/ww20 ... nt%20tool/<!-- m -->
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    A square peg in a round hole...who da thunk it?

    Nice tip.
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    You discovered ????? How do you think the clutch operates :D