Honda XR400 take a quick mud bath...

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    Jun 12, 2009
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    hi all,

    i went out today with a couple of guys from the local Trail Rider fellowship and we had great fun,

    the best bit:
    me falling into a puddle with the XR on top of me! it is too we both rode this very watery and muddy section near somewhere the other side of the A33 without any incident already -Then I asked my friend if maybe this is good spot for a picture or an action video....ACTION we got! from me being very wet....but see for yourselves...

    here just before i rode back into the water bit


    and here the aftershot


    but here i the best bit!!! with running commentary...check out the video :D

    bike is now cleaned again and i am starting to dry too. :D

    great ride and i think everyone discovered some new lanes...