Honda XR650L returns for 2012

Discussion in 'Thumpers' started by ColonelS, May 2, 2011.

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    bump, since i'm probably going to pick up a new 2012...since i believe it'll be the last bike. Not looking for bling. i'm glad the antique shit can still be had new. 2012 looks to pretty much be the same as yesteryear. Good for me. I suppose it's all relative to how you use it.
  2. oremike

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    You might save yourself some money if you can find a '09 hold over. The dealers should be discounting them now that the '12's are rolling in.
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    what's wrong with either carb or cams that the DRZ comes with? i think any cobo works very well.

    glad to see honda still selling the xrl. i've been thinking about getting one of them as well for my longer hauls.
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    What a great post! What, are they giving away XR650L's now? :ear
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    May 6, 2010
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    This is a dead thread.
    But I gotta chime in. I have had enough with new school, euro-flash. Let's see,

    1998 Honda XR400; Simply the best woods bike
    2000 XR600; Actually, I think it was just as good as the 400, and it had awesome power
    (I regret selling those two bikes)
    2005 Kawasaki KDX 220; Best two-stroke woods bike I ever had. Sold it because everyone was riding orange.
    2007 Husqvarna TE450; Worst $8,000 ever spent. Never ran right.
    2009 KTM 300XCW; Man that bike cost me allot of money!
    2006 KTM 640A; One of the worst decisions in my life! Sexy sells
    2005 KTM 525EXC; Also one of the worst choices. Spent ass-loads turning it into a real dual-sport and ended up with a bike that wouldn't start to save it's ass and it rode like shit!
    2010 Husaberg FE450; This bike ran great, but the fuel pump shit the bed right away. Luckily warranty covered a $600 part. It left me hanging out in the woods though. And it was too much, too sexy and way too much money. When you fall into the high end trap you can't help but spend everything you make on kitting the fucker out.
    I lost my shirt on that one.
    Present (and for sale) BMW G650GS Sertao; Pretty basic bike for almost $10,000! I once again fell into the trap of the name and it's sex appeal and that fancy is better. I have had nothing but issues. Granted it's all been covered under warranty, but I am way to OCD to handle anymore problems. I just got rid of every high tech bicycle I own to go back to reliable old, steel frames with burly components. And still no one can hang with me.
    I just bought a 13' XRL and can't wait to pick her up next week.
    I'll put a uni-filter in and check the jetting and ride it. And change the oil and ride it and repeat.
    My XR600 was proof that a dated bike could hang with KTM's. I rode with a B rider on a 200xcw and was all over him with that beast totally drowning out that little weed whacker:lol3
    I have a young family and can't go wandering all over the planet on some fancy german money pit. But I can follow my route sheet from my house to mt. washington via dirt/back roads and trails the whole way and all I want to think about is where to gas up.
    I hope Honda never drops the XR
    I have a Honda Pilot and yes, it's only a 2011, but it is so damn solid it's unbelievable. My wife just can't get over how great it is. My first bike was a 73' trail 70. I'd love to still have that thing to give to my boys. I felt so cool riding around with that little speedo and everything. It never, ever broke down.

    EDIT: ONE THING I WANT TO SAY IS THAT THE BMW IS AWESOME AND THE GUYS ON THE SERTAO THREAD ARE EVEN BETTER!!! I have some crazy thing about bikes and basically anything if it has a problem. The beemer is built to travel and I don't have the time at all for that kind of thing right now. I have a wonderful wife who wants to kill me and two young boys that idolize me. I'm only selling the Sertao because I have to go a more simple path. Maybe I should just quit motorcycles altogether until the doc's come up with a pill to totally cure OCD without taking the me out of me. But I bought the XR anyway and I am going to keep it. Commute, and putter around with my boys on the back roads once in a while
    sorry sertao guys.
  6. trainman

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    I've never owned the XR650L, but just did buy the new 2013 CRF250L. I've owned just about all the 650 dual sports out there except for the KTM 690 and the XR650L. Well that is the KLR 650's, DR 650's, and the BMW 650 Dakar. Truly happy with all of them, all have their good and bad points, but all are ones I would buy again. Just happen to be at the Honda dealer the other day and sat on the XR650L for the first time and the bike had a good feel, but even at 6'1" it's a little tall for this 68 year old guy, yes I can lower it. What was odd was that the XR650L and CRF250L were side by side on the dealership floor and the 250 looked bigger and of course it's modern style really stands out. Now I know their is no comparison in bikes when it comes to power, but what a truly fun bike to ride. At the present time I am looking for another 650 single to add to my stable, but all that is really out there is what I have already had. I don't want any more carbureted bikes, so my choices are not very many, BMW 650's, KTM 690 (too much of a dirt bike), and the Husqvarna 650 Terra (which who knows what direction Husky is going in the future) are pretty much my fuel injected choices. My personal feeling is which ever Japanese manufacture that upgrades the 650 dual sport first (FI) is going to take a large lead over the other in sales. Wouldn't a Honda CRF450L, or a CRF650L be a great bike.