Honda z50 - what to look for.

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    MY dad called me and said there is a nice one down the road from him in Tampa. Guy wants 500 bucks. Starts and runs. No front brake as he took it off so his kids didn't hurt themselves. Its a 75 model.

    Anything I should know? Was at the Harvest Classic rally last this weekend and loved seeing all of the old school mini trails running around.
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    Contact and for everything Z50 and CT70 related. They restore originals, build ground-up customs, sell hop up motor parts, front and rear disc brake kits, custom swingarms, custom frames, suspension upgrades, custom exhaust systems, stainless nut and bolt kits, custom triple trees, etc. They even have proprietary tires made for them by Kenda. And they even have proprietary machined replacement items for the junk China plastic pieces that afflict clones from Pitster Pro and Sky Team and Piranha.

    If you call them up they'll give you a million tips about what to look for in the used bike you're considering.
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    Be careful buying a bike from a guy who disconnects the front brake so his kids don't get hurt. There's no telling what else he might have done to it...

    Look for stuff like the shifter/kickstart splines being worn out and/or welded to the levers. Very common on these little bikes.

    Man, there's so many things to look for that could easily cost you more than the bike is worth to fix. If you're a good mechanic and patient they're extremely simple little motors to work on that with a little care last nearly forever. They also get hammered in the hands of kids and adults, too and replacement parts get expensive in a hurry.

    Pay for the bike to be checked out by a professional if you're not a mechanic. It'll save you a ton of money in the long run. My thoughts are the little bugger had better be damned good for $500 as they made a gazillion of them and I've seen nice late-model XR/CRF-50's go for that kind of money.