Hoping to riding in Turkey on as much dirt as possible. Any advice?

Discussion in 'EMEA' started by QSpec, Jun 21, 2013.

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    Greetings fellow riders,

    I've been wanting to to ride in the area around Ararat and Lake Van for 2 years now but unfortunatelly various situations couldn't allow it. This year isn't any better but I've come to a point where I badly need this trip.

    The plan is to reach Lake Van, Ararat and Dogubayazit through as many B and dirt roads as possible. I want to avoid highways at any cost.

    I will be riding a Husqy TE610 starting from Izmir. I would love to get some advice on routes from west to east and any must-see places.

    And some more specific questions:

    I'm hoping to do this sometime between 1-20 of August. Will it be too hot? Keep in mind that I'm Greek so I'm kind of used to summer heat.

    Is free camping allowed and if not is there a fine I must pay?

    How far up Mt. Ararat can one go by road/dirt? Is it allowed?

    That's pretty much it, nothing is certain so far as the current events in Greece leave everything to doubt but that's the dream.
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    Hi Qspec,

    I wish I could help you with Van and Ararat but too remote for me. But guess what I live in Izmir.

    Here are some advices;

    1. About the climate. You must keep in mind that the more you travel to the eastern part of Turkey the more you leave the mild climate that you are used too. About 300 km's east and the continental climate begins to reign i.e. hot in daytime but again cold sometimes very cold after sunset. And as you gain height the temperature drop will be more critical. So be prepared for this. (Especially if you'r gonna stay in your tent)

    And here an advice for places that could interest you in Izmir

    2. In Izmir you can visit Ephesus
    Close to this Museum is the House of Virgin Mary

    I hope these tiny bits will help you.


    PS: You can call me if you like when you're in İzmir. I am not sure if I'm available at that time, but you can check me, if so, I'd be happy to escort you for some time in Izmir.

    Peace again... :)
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