Hot weather ATGATT solutions.

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    Did a little lunch run to celebrate the Labor Day holiday. It was well over 93F (skin temp) for most of the ride. :D

    I left the house with no particular destination in mind. By the end of the day I had ridden 400 miles in eight hours. Most of it was on back roads. Even counting the time spent at all the stops, the average speed was 50 mph, which surprised me as I wasn't pushing it all that fast.

    Over the course of the ride there was a sit-down lunch with copious amounts of iced tea, next I wandered around Luckenbach for a few minutes at another stop, then over the ride had a couple of stops at gas stations to top up the tank, and one more stop under a shade tree to eat a bag of peanuts and down a quart of Gatorade.

    Overall, there were probably a gallon of fluids consumed on the ride and another three pints when I got home.

    Wearing 100% mesh gear that includes foam armor at the shin/knee, thigh, hips, ribs, back, forearm/elbow, and shoulder that did a good job of reducing the airflow reaching the skin. This provided moderate evaporation while riding behind the 800XC windshield. I wore a cotton T-shirt and bike shorts under the suit. They remained on the drier side of lightly damp most of the day.

    Hot temps can be comfortably managed when you are able to remain hydrated and provide a moderate airflow under the gear.

    It was a great ride. I had no idea it had been 400 miles until I goggle-mapped the route. Another typical Texas Summer day ride. :evil
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