Houston to Merida?

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    In considering travel to Merida, (and wanting a warm weather moto ride in December), I'm thinking of riding from South Texas around the Gulf up to Yucatan. Google route choices include Mex 180, or Mex 105. I'd like to spend 3-4 days getting there, have 8-10 days in Yucatan and turn around and come back.

    Any reasons to dissuade me from doing this? I could fly into Cancun, rent a car, etc. for cheaper.....but then I wouldn't be riding.

    I was in Merida in 1974 for a semester studying Mayan architecture, visiting the ruins, having loads of fun and now, at 60, it seems like a good time to return.

    Being on the West Coast, it is not possible for me to ride the 3000 miles there and back in the time I have.

    I rode the length of Baja a few years back so know a little about Mexican roads, at least in that part. Is the 180 route interesting, scenic, safe, etc.? I'd probably be riding my '05 R12GS that would involve shipping to Brownsville......or buy a decent older sport tourer, ST11 or Connie in Houston/Austin/San Antonio.

    Any knowledge of this would be appreciated. Anybody wanting to sell a nice older UJM or sport tourer set up for distance riding?
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    Go to the last few posts in the "is Mexico safe" thread (Last post here). All the guys with intimate local knowledge of Mexico hang out there. Keep an eye out for "tricepilot" for advice on the border regions and "MikeMike" for the route around the coast.

    We're all willing to help in whatever way we can.

    Just don't be put off by the hype. With normal precautions, Mexico is a safe and rewarding place to ride.