How did you end up on a Ural?

Discussion in 'Hacks' started by madeouttaglass, Dec 27, 2011.

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    *sigh*....just a little longer.....just a little longer....just a little longer...
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    Yet another urban legend that refuses to die -
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    May 11, 2003
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    I seen adds and read some articles thought they looked pretty cool. Saw my 1st one in person at work about 2008, the quality looked better than I imagined. I'm like "hey this has kiehin carbs". A few months later he gave me a ride in it and let me ride it around in 1st gear.
    BIG mistake, I bought a snowmobile and 1/2 an airplane this way. I started shopping and just couldn't get past the 12-13k price. Well 2 years latter I sold my 1/2 of the plane and spent some time on the internet shopping. Found a 2010 Gear Up for 10k with 3300k on it. Had to buy it, too good a deal to pass up. Figured I could break even if I didn't like it.
    Well it gets ridin way more than my other bikes. Its crude, slow, and makes some real interesting mechanical noises for not much acceleration. I shouldn't like it but it makes me smile.
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    Apr 26, 2012
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    Well before I could have ever afforded a new bike my father showed me a couple of Urals and we talked and said how cool it would be but heard horror stories about them. Than I went down to terry Crawford's shop and he took me for a ride. basically sold on the idea just didn't have the money for one what with all of my other toys and what not. But my father passed away in a motorcycle accident and when he did I was able to pay off my bills so I figured I should go back into dept to buy another bike. Now I would trade it all to have my father back but every time I see my Ural I am reminded on how awesome of a father I was blessed with and the stories and day dreams we had together years ago about these awesome bikes and how I plan on doing all of those wacky things we dreamed about doing.
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    I discovered the ural while lurking on ADVrider. Mr. Cob kept posting pics and vids of his antics on his gear up. After going to Crawfords and seeing my first Ural in person back in '05 I had to have one. Bought a new Patrol in '07. Thanks again you Crazy Old Bastard :beer
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    Oct 25, 2010
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    Back in '08/09ish Ural ads started appearing in "Cycle World" magazine which I subscribe too. After seeing them a few times I decided to go to their website which in turn led me to Youtube where the Discovery Channel, Mr.Cob, Indian Bill, and many, many others had posted videos of all their onroad/offroad antics etc. and became very interested as I like to ride off-road but also wanted to take my wife along comfortably(she is 64) and share the experience, sights, and fun I had been enjoying riding my solo enduro bikes all these years alone. When I saw that they were 2WD and off-road capable I had to have one. I contacted Adk Ural in late 2010 and arranged to buy a Black Patrol 2WD model. We have 33,000kms. on it already and love it, we have a blast hitting all the trails & backroads. We both still work and work at the same factory (20 miles each way) so on nice days we ride into work together as well. Wish I had done it years ago. :D
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    I was visiting the Philippines in ’08 and fell in love with sidecars. What a perfect rig for running errands around town I though. So upon returning home I searched for a bike to add a sidecar to. Ended up with ’72 CB250 that I had great plans for. Well it sat in the shop and I never did get around to building a sidecar for it. The summer of ‘011 I ran across this thing called a Ural as I was researching hacks. WOW! How perfect is this. No need to trailer the 4 wheelers to the mountains. The wife and kid can ride together with me. The lab and I can take off chucker hunting from our door step. I can carry as much gear as I can strap on to it. What’s not to like? So I started combing craigslist for a used one. A year later I gave up on the used idea and decided to spend the extra money on a new rig. Ordered a ‘012 GU on September 13<SUP>th</SUP> last year. Well it’s a long story but a ‘013 GU was delivery to my house this spring on March 13<SUP>th</SUP>. That was the first time I ever seen a Ural in person. Having a blast and couldn’t be happier with it!!!<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" /><o:p></o:p>
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    Fixed that for ya - can't see black on dark grey background
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    For years my wife and I rode rode a '70 R75/5 with a Velorex. We really enjoyed riding it in town, but every time we set out on the open road something would scare the shit outta us or the bike would break down.
    A friend let us ride his '95 Sportsman an the second we got up to "speed" we looked at each other and went "holy shit! This is awesome!", until we tried stopping quickly.
    Then Ural came out with the disc, so we bought an '07 Patrol and have ridden the hell out of it ever since.
    One of my favorite things about it (I know this will get me yelled at here) is if I've had a few beers too many, my wife can drive while I slump down in the hack and laugh my ass off.
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    Nov 20, 2003

    I like that last sentence! That's priceless......
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    Mar 31, 2013
    I wound up on a Ural by accident-litteraly!
    Last Oct. I fell off my Indian Chief-going completely straight and at no more than thirty mph the front end suddenly just washed out.Must have been an oil patch on the road,'cause there just was no other reason to have this happen.Bad luck on top of bad luck,I broke my tibia pretty good-have a plate and a bunch of screws in there now.The whole expereince left me a little gun shy,but I knew I wanted to keep riding,so I started to think of sidecars,trikes and Can Ams-put a third wheel out there and increase stability a bit.
    I finaly decided on a Ural because
    1) It has reverse
    2) 2 wheel drive(I have a Patrol T)
    3) It's specificaly made to haul a side car-if I don't like a sidecar on a Ural,I probably won't like one on anything else!
    I'm still getting used to driving a hack,but I'm gtetting to like it more each time I go out.If nothing else,Ive tried something new.
  14. biggziff

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    I like stuff that's me. That and my wife wouldn't ride on any of the 2-wheelers. Found a Gear Up that had been in a guy's barn for 2 years and looked it...bought it, cleaned it up, reassembled it and it's now my favorite bike.

    It doesn't hurt that *everyone* smiles and waves. :D
  15. North"wet"

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    Jun 29, 2003
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    It followed me home. My understanding wife said I could keep it.